I Surrender

Album: Difficult to Cure (1981)
Charted: 3
  • The name of time-serving musician Russ Ballard is not that well known in contemporary music, but he has penned a surprising number of hit songs including "Since You've Been Gone," the ninth single release by Rainbow, which was the band's first big chart success; "I Surrender" was the eleventh single, the band's third top ten single in a row, and their biggest UK hit.
  • Running to 4 minutes 10 seconds, it was produced by bass player Roger Glover, who along with lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore had served time in Deep Purple. It was released on the Polydor label backed by the glorious instrumental "Maybe Next Time". >>
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  • Joe Lynn Turner replaced Graham Bonnet on lead vocals for the Difficult to Cure album. Bonnet lasted just one album with the band: Down to Earth (1979). He recalls "I Surrender" being the only one they had during the painstaking rehearsals before he was replaced on Difficult to Cure. "That's the only song we had. So we're sitting around looking at each other and Ritchie [Blackmore] would come in for like half an hour and plonk on his bass pedals or whatever the hell, and then he would go. It was unproductive. The thrill had gone, so to speak.

    Bobby Rondinelli [drums] really wanted to fix it and get on with it, but we just didn't gel and nothing was happening, so I went home. I went back to LA and the management called me and said, 'What do you want to do?' I said, 'Well, nothing's happening.' I'd put down some backing vocals to the song 'I Surrender,' that's all I'd done on this album, because it was not going anywhere. So he said, 'Do you want to sing the songs you like and have another singer sing the songs you don't like?' I said, 'Well, there's no songs there. And two singers - no, that won't work for me.' So I left the band. That was it." (Here's our full Graham Bonnet interview.)
  • In his autobiography Never Surrender (Or Nearly Good Looking), Biff Byford of Saxon says that Russ Ballard offered "I Surrender" to John Verity (who produced Saxon's debut album) before it was recorded by Rainbow. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England

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  • Don from Sevierville, TnI think this song has some Scorpions influence soundwise. Interesting - singer Joe Lynn Turner would also be in Deep Purple from 1990-92 and keyboard player Don Airey has been in Deep Purple since 2002. Airey also worked with Whitesnake, fronted by former Deep Purple singer David Coverdale (Coverdale was in Deep Purple from 1973-76). At different times, Whitesnake also featured Jon Lord and Ian Paice of Deep Purple and Cozy Powell, formerly of Rainbow.
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