Street of Dreams

Album: Bent Out of Shape (1983)
  • There have been not a few songs called "Street of Dreams," this one was co-written by lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, and produced by long time Blackmore collaborator Roger Glover, released as a single on the Polydor label backed by "Anybody There" and a live version of "Power". Running to around 4 minutes 24 seconds, it also appeared on the Bent Out Of Shape album.
  • As Turner explained in February 2009, its title is more than fitting because "the whole song was inspired. Literally, I wrote it in a dream. I woke up, wrote things down, sketches, then woke up the next morning, put it all together and it was the song. The whole thing, the reincarnation stuff. We were all dabbling in magic and everything else at the time, but this was absolutely true. That was a magical song. I believe, as far as my own abilities, that I hit all the right notes on that song. So Ritchie was, 'How am I going to follow that? You killed the song.' I opened up a couple of Heinekens, we sat down in the kitchen, and I said, 'You can just play from your heart. Don't even think about anything. Just play. You've done this before.' Blah, blah blah... and... he did. Of course, the candles were lit, everything else, but he went in there and just did it."
  • This unashamedly commercial track was also recorded by Blackmore's Night for the 2006 album The Village Lanterne as a duet between Joe Lynn Turner and Candice Night. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for all above


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