• On her four-track EP Real, UK singer/songwriter and producer Raphaella longs to live and love again after a painful breakup. She explained in the EP's promo materials: "Real is really about wanting to find someone that makes you feel something real again. I think after major heartbreak it's easy to feel numb and think in some way you're broken eternally. But it's amazing how in the most random and unlikely of places there's a switch that can suddenly turn back on again, and just like that - all the blood rushes back to every inch of your body and you're able to feel again. The whole EP follows that narrative of getting over a past relationship and seeking 'Closure,' being 'Alright' and coming to terms with it, finding someone new who makes you feel something 'Real' again when you thought you couldn't, and 'My My' which is me saying I'm ready to love again."
  • Just after Raphaella finished producing and recording the EP's last two tracks, her laptop was stolen - along with all of her music. Thankfully, she'd sent her manager an MP3 bounce of both of them on WhatsApp. "So I literally used the WhatsApp audio bounces as references to recreate what I had done," she told Songfacts. "I won't lie, there were many tears, many sleepless nights and some things I will never be able to get back, but I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. The chopped/reversed audio in 'Real' is literally a direct sample from the WhatsApp audio because I loved it so much but knew it was impossible to recreate!"


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