Album: Feels Like Today (2004)
Charted: 42


  • Written by Doug Johnson and Joe Henry, this tells the story of a girl who suffers a fall that brings attention to a condition that causes something to go wrong with her blood cells. She goes to the doctor and finds out that she has cancer. All she wants is to be is normal, and she doesn't like the fact that she is going to be bald for the prom. Well, her boyfriend shaves his head for her and they both go to the prom bald. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jillian - Portland, TX
  • Some funds from the CD go to St. Jude's, a hospital for children with cancer. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jillian - Portland, TX, for above 2

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  • Claire from UkSuch loving and moving song lyrics.
  • Deb from Madison, WiThis song touches my heart like you can't imagine. My 16 year old daughter is attending her Junior Prom next week. She is Mistress of Ceremonies, and is being escorted by a wonderful guy. And YES, she is bald, due to cancer and chemotherapy. She is strong, beautiful and courageous! I love you Holly.
  • Kelli from Iowa, IaMy brother had just got done with having brain cancer. He is 13 and this song reminds me of how hard he fought to be a "normal" teenager. He always made jokes and made the best out of the worst. He was truly an inspiration to many in our community. I love this song.
  • Nikki from Toronto, OnThis song as a very special place in my heart. I use to think it was just a "sad" song. That was until we found out that my 7 year old cousin has leukemia just like the girl in the song. It was a shock for everyone. She didn't deserve it. Even though it's hard, she puts a smile on her face everyday and finds a way to laugh and joke around. She has adapted to her new life but with some very small struggles and changes. She is truely an inspiration. And the sad part is she is 4 months into chemo but it's only the start to her treatment...a bone marrow transplant is being planned. She loves life and everyone around her. Her smile inspires me. Thank you rascal flatts for this's been there for me whenever I need it.
  • Aless from Houston, TxI love this song. I watched the music video to listen to it the first time and I just started crying when the boyfriend came in and took off his cap. It's so beautiful.
  • Katie from Orange County, CaI myself was recently diagnosed with skin cancer and this song was my consolation throughout the whole ordeal. i no longer have it but this song still sits in my memory and makes me cry whenever i hear it. thank you rascal flatts.
  • Brianna from Naples, FlThis song is amazing! My boyfriend just died of cancer about 10 months ago so I can definitely relate in a way.
  • Crystal from Chatsworth, Georgiathis song is really nice and sad
  • Landon from Winchester, OhIt's really sad. Does anyone know that Sara is a real person, and really died of cancer?
  • Slally from Seattle, WyI love this song for like five years i did not know the title so i couldnt get it but now im so happy, sad
    its really moving because both of my grandpas and dad died of cancer
  • Sammy from Ct, United Statesthis is a really sad song, but the ending is kind of nice.
  • Katie-lynn from Timmins, MtI LOVE THIS SONG!!!
    this one time,, was i grade 4, my grandfather was diying of cancer! and he was going to be fine and was getting out of the hospital a few days later, so the doctors claim!,, well it turns out a few days we later we got a phone call, that my grandfater died! I wish he was here today seeing me grow up! I LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM!! this song reminds me of him!! i want him back!
  • Margaret from Chicago, IlI love this song. Its sad, but true. Having cancer is scary. Its very moving. I hope rascal flatts create more songs like this one. Realistic songs and amazingly beautiful music videos. And clear lyrics so you can vualizes the scene/music
  • Margaret from Chicago, IlTHIS REALLY HIT HOME FOR ME.
  • Amanda from Bloomer, WiWhen I first heard this song,it made me think about what I have. One of my friends had cancer. I am doing this song as a report in school. Thanks Rascel Flatts!
  • Rachel from Atlanta, Gathis song makes me think of my brother and so many of my friends i met through him. He had cancer (childhood lymphoma) when i was 7, he was 10. He's okay now, thankfully, but i met so many more people from spending so much time at the hospital with him, and it just really means a lot to me
    also, my friends mother just dies a few weeks ago from cancer
    it's a great song, and always makes me cry
  • Claudia from San Francisco, CaThis is the best song on the world there is nothing better to do than to listen to this song.
  • Angelica from Centralia , MoThis song is so good...It made me cry when I first heard it because at the time my grandma was in the hospital with cancer.....
  • Whitney from Little Rock, ArThis video did make me cry- n i dont cry-like at all.
  • Allan from Vanderhoof, CanadaThis is one of the few songs I can think of right away where I heard the song, imagined what a video for it might look like, and then saw the video matching almost exactly what I had pictured.
    Usually, the videos that you create in your mind when you hear the song don't come anywhere close to what the artist ends up with.
    Best off-the-top-of-my-head example is another country song: The Thunder Rolls, by Garth Brooks. A good video about domestic violence, a subject you can't find anywhere in the song - unless you picture the wife taking a piece out of the husband when his cheating is confirmed.
  • Janetta from Davenport, Iai love this song it has so much meaning and it made me cry
  • Chris from Swan River, CanadaThis song is very moving. It's very sad. I saw the video, and I was crying it's just sad. But it talks about how a young woman finds out she has cancer, and how she wishes to live a normal life even though she has a life threatning diesease.
  • Bryce from Rugby, NdThe video almost made me cry.
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