Chill Out


  • Filmed in Jamaica, the song's music video spotlights members of the Gully Queens, a transgender community that has been forced out of their homes, and forced to live in Kingston's storm drains. Ray BLK told the BBC:

    "Meeting the Gully Queens was such an incredible experience. It put a lot into perspective because every day of their lives is a struggle and a battle to stay alive - yet they were so happy, so full of life. It made me feel like I need to be a lot more appreciative of how good my life is.

    Living in the West, you don't actually realize how the things we see as normal are considered abnormal in other parts of the world. Now we're trying to raise money to get them into safe housing."
  • The original song is about a casual relationship with a guy where Ray BLK only wants to see him on the nights that she's feeling lonely. Despite being about a completely different subject matter, the visuals and the music complement each other.

    "Chill Out, for me, was about female empowerment and not letting society tell you how to act," said Ray BLK. "I felt like the video completed that, really, because it was about empowering these females to be who they want to be as well."
  • Producer SG Lewis (Gallant, Disclosure) supplied the beat and is also credited as a featured artist.
  • Ray BLK tells the guy during the song to "chill out" as he's making a "big deal" about wanting a proper committed relationship with her. The phrase "chill out" meaning to relax, to take it easy, was originated by African American teenagers in the 1970s but later spread to black and white youths on both sides of the Atlantic.


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