Death Of A Martian

Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)


  • This song was written as a tribute to bassist Flea's dog, Martian. The dog had died while the band was recording Stadium Arcadium. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM
  • Anthony Kiedis' dog, Buster, also died during the recording of Stadium Arcadium. Losing a good dog is quite a drag, the heartfelt vocals are genuine. >>
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    M - Eri, CO
  • The line, "Make room for Clara's bare feet" is a reference to Flea's daughter, Clara. >>
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    Michael - winchestersonville, WA
  • Jupiter and Mars are the names of each disc which make Stadium Arcadium a double album. Fittingly enough, this song is the final track on the disc called Mars. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • In the album's track-by-track interviews, Flea explained that the music came from a jam and originally had a different chorus. Guitarist John Frusciante came up with the new chorus and the outro, which includes Flea's fuzz bass solo.
  • Kiedis felt like Martian was a special presence back in 1999 when the band got together in Flea's garage to work on Californication. Frusciante had just rejoined the band after a battle with heroin addiction - a struggle Kiedis shared - and Flea was nursing a broken heart after a breakup. "Then there was this 200-pound dog who was just very chill and very calm and very loving, who was just there every single day, sort of crashed out in front of the garage while we were rehearsing," Kiedis explained. "And to me it was very special, she was sort of like our little spirit guide through that time."
  • According to Flea, the band's live rehearsal track is what we hear on the final product.
  • Kiedis said the poem at the end came about by accident. He felt the song was missing something, "a weird, [George] Clinton-esque, spoken-word thing," and pulled a random poem out of his songbook that happened to fit perfectly.

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  • Bertrand from Paris, FranceJupiter and Mars are the names of each disc which make Stadium Arcadium a double album. Fittingly enough, this song is the final track on the disc called Mars.
  • Lauren from New York, NyThe album Stadium Arcadium has a lot of weird, meaningful coincidences for me...Especially with regard to the songs Death of a Martian and Dani California.
    I lost my dog and my best friend, Dani, within 2 months of each other. My dog died at the end of the month (DOAM was the last album on the Mars CD), Dani died the first day of the month (Dani California is the first song on the next album, Jupiter). Also, RHCP was one of Dani's fave bands...

    I may be reading too much into this, but I find these concurrent circumstances a little close for comfort... That said, it,remains my favorite album.
  • Matthew from Concord, NhYes, this song (according to an interview involving Anthony and Flea's deciphers) it is about Flea's dog Martian. Martian was more than a dog and when they lost him it was an inspiration for the song "Death of a Martian".

    Here's the interview:
  • Chris from Mountain Top, Pai love this song so much, and feel bad 4 ur dogs guys, i had a dog named Buster 2.
  • Fabrice from Dolbeau, QcMartian is a really cool name for a dog:)
  • Ad. from Marikina City, MalaysiaIt's a nice song and Anthony recites the rest of the canine dirge by Flea (for the death of Martian and for the emotional loss of anything else if you are thinking of something else related).
  • Ryan from Pittsburgh, PaI don't know...I really enjoy the ending poem. It's got this doesn't-make-any-sense coolness to it.
  • Ruddy from Nowra, AustraliaI dunno if its just me but i think the end song/poem may be intentionally 'mars voltaesque'. as if omar wasnt enough lol but i like this song most from the album
  • Lexie from Haifa, Israelit's a whole lot sadder when you think the creature that died is a dog and not some weird green martian.
    it's one of the best songs on the new record, and i love the "poem" at the end, evern though i have no idea what it's supposed to mean...
  • Nikie from Stockholm, Swedenthe end in the song I meant haha.
  • Nikie from Stockholm, Swedenhere you can see Anthony and Flea talking about the song and what it means.. The end where A.K is talking he's actually saying a poem.
  • Kiran from Escazu, United Statesshe. martian was a girl
  • Bridget from Montreal, CanadaI think the dog was a she becasue they say "we lost our girl". It's sad, i just lost a dog I loved. It's very creative, it meantion's Flea's daughter Clara. It very creative how they mention the dog being an alien, it's great. I SAW THEM IN CONCERT IN MTL ON THRUSDAY!!!! THEY ARE AMAZING! I LOVE THEM!
  • Krysten from Odessa,tx, TxThis is a really sweet song, I like it a lot. Even though the end kinda threw me off. lol.
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmThis is one of those when you read it you will think, that it doesn't make sense, but go back and look at the lyrics. I thought it was just something that was made up when I heard what it was about too.

  • Silvana from Los Angeles, Caaccording to the rolling stones magazine with them on the front....this song was about Flea's dog who use to be the mascot for the band, he watched them write...songs and stuff. and he died...his name was martian.
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