The Zephyr Song

Album: By The Way (2002)
Charted: 11 49
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  • A Zephyr is a light gust of warm wind. Anthony Kiedis' lyrics conjure images of courting a beautiful girl and asking her to "fly away" with him to be forever happy. One of his past girlfriends would take coke with him, so the song may be about him trying to get her to feel this euphoria with him, as he loves her so much he wants her to understand. >>
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    Ben - Ocean City, NJ
  • The video, which is loaded with lo-tech psychedelic effects, was directed by the husband-and-wife team of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who did many of RHCP's videos as well as clips for Jane's Addiction and Smashing Pumpkins.

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  • Locomotive Enthusiast from On A Trainthis song is clearly about the Amtrak passenger train "zephyr"
  • Lexi from SocalI've always thought this song was about letting go. It has a melancholy yet endearing feel to it that implies that there's something he's yearning for or reminiscing about. Wheater it's him wanting to do drugs and letting go of them/knowing he should, letting go of someone he loved, letting go of a part of himself, he's reflecting on these general feelings. That the thing about music is there doesn't need to be one specific answer, it's an excellent way to convey emotion, and could quite possibly be many at the same time. He's bearing some really vulnerable parts of himself in a way that makes money and was therapeutic for him as an artist.
  • Firewallix from Indonesiathis song brings me to some time somewhere when the TV still black and white, cowboys movies with sunset endings and the society is not easily trigerred by anything.
  • Eva from BcnZephyr is the Tony Alba's skate that had Anthony Kiedis in the 80-90
  • Patser from DublinA Zephyr is a motorbike so...
  • Luke from Usa It’s a song about his penis.
  • Puki13 from SydneyBest RHCP song
  • Christopher D. from South GeorgiaOne of my all-time faves from RHCP. Namely due to the tempo & rhythm of the song, coupled with the uplifting sentiment of the lyrics. For years I wondered the meaning, but I feel I have arrived at the following: this is a surfing song. Many would think skateboarding, as I once did, but the lines “In the water where I center my emotions; all the world can pass me by” indicates the narrator, in my opinion, that the narrator loves to surf and loves the ocean and is asking/inviting a love interest to join him in his passion for surfing/the ocean and “fly away on my zephyr”. I’ve never surfed myself, but I can only imagine that the euphoric feeling of riding a great wave is like floating on top of the world. The narrator, I feel, is attempting to combine his two loves together - doing so in a very RHCP fashion. Makes me love this song even more!
  • Jeffrey from Rosemead, CaIf you skate you will get this song. If you don't , well? Try watching the DVD - Dogtown Z-Boys! Then you can ride the wind closer to the ground!
  • Spencer from Melbourne, Fl, Flzephyr is also an old surf/skateboard company from california back in the mid 70's. i think the song is more about him being a kid tryin to get the attention of a fav girl and how the feelings of first love and skating and surfing.
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Cayou can interpret MOST songs three ways: drugs, love, politics. this one seems to be about the first two.
  • Austin from Houston, TxYea I believe this song could yet again be about doing drugs. But he could be talking about how in love he is with someone and just wants to get away and be with her and be happy.
  • Triples from London, United KingdomI think this is about Anthony experiencing drugs for the first time. As the lyrics go on it becomes clearer
  • Sam from Dillon, MtZephyr means a light wind from the west. Anthony Kiedis sings in a respectful tone with lyrics that suggest he is on drugs and/or he feels a strong attraction to a woman at the same time. He could be high and thinking or having hallucinations of the woman he loves or has loved in the past. He is trying to get this woman to go with him. (get high with him and love him at the same time)
    Chad Smith offers a soft beat that lifts up into a steady groove and with Flea's expert bass following John's amazingly constant and open sound, this song turns into an awsome blend of Zephyr like sounds.
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