Album: Begin To Hope (2006)
Charted: 45 51
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  • In this song, Spektor sings about trying to protect herself from heartbreak by absorbing herself in music, but she falls in love and has her heart broken anyway. >>
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    Barbara Fay - New Orleans, LA
  • Spektor has stated that this song is based on the movie High Fidelity. >>
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    Katie - Woodland Hills, CA
  • Spektor is not known as being a singles artist, but this song was an international hit. She told Entertainment Weekly that she wasn't surprised this was so successful. Said Spektor: "When we were recording, it just felt so nice, like in my body. I thought, This is delicious. So much of listening to music is physical. It starts in the stomach and it needs to travel up to the lungs in this specific way. When that doesn't happen, you just feel it, you know when it's not right. It's very much a body experience. To me, 'Fidelity' felt really good in my body when we finished. I guess people's bodies are the same in those kinds of ways. Sometimes songs just feel nice."
  • Some of Spektor's fans turned their backs on her when this and the accompanying album reached the upper regions of the charts. The Russian born singer-songwriter said to BBC News matter-of-factly: "It's certain people's jobs to be purists. They champion new music and, when the rocket takes off, they're like the booster stage that naturally falls off - because it's their job to help the next musician who comes along. It's a bittersweet thing, but there are always people who are coming along with you and some who are dropping away."
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Comments: 7

  • Bay from Weaverville, Caits a cute and charming song, I love it. well done Regina! :)
  • Keith from St. Joseph, MoI can always pick out her songs because of her unique sound. I would love to meet her someday. She seems like a very interesting and cool person.
  • Jeremy from Grand Rapids, MiLol, I'm a guy, but I absolutely LOVE this song. The crazy part is: I usually listen to PUNK or ROCK. I think its the lyrics. I can TOTALLY relate to them. Regina Spektor is an amazing performer. Oh, and its not on here yet, but I love her song "Better" too! YEAH!!!!
  • Kimmie from Dallas, GaOh regina... what an amazing song!
  • Dny from Carlisle, EnglandThis song was written whilst Regina was watching "High Fidelity"
  • Bren from Havelock North, New ZealandThis is also used in an advert on New Zealand television announcing the partnering of the internet giant Yahoo with Xtra (our biggest ISP) to produce the yahooxtra website (when x meets y campaign)
  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyThere is also a rather charming and delightful video to this which can be viewed on Regina's website. This song has gotten quite a lot of airplay on TV -- it has been used in the grossly over-rated "Gray's Anatomy" and more recently on "Brothers and Sisters". The entire "Begin to Hope" album is marvelous -- I hope to see more postings about more of the songs.
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