Must Have Done Something Right

Album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago (2006)


  • This song is about a man who is in love with a girl and marvels at his luck in getting her. He's grateful for her and she changed his life completely for the better. >>
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  • Josa from Des Moines, IaPlease, you guys. Christians can write love songs, I don't understand why people don't think it's possible. God created love... and girls. And kinda made it that way. This song is obviously about a girl, they've said it in interviews, and a lot of these lines don't match being about God ("everyday I spend with you is the new best day of my life and everyone watching us just turns away with disgust this jealously, they can see that we've got it going on.").
  • Eric Martin from Cavite, PhilippinesThis song can be about God, or the girl. Nothing else. But this is a great song! :)
  • Steve from Winnipeg, MbSorry Erik, but have you seen the video, it's all about a girl, which is not a bad thing, they still have plenty of really good Christian songs
  • Rhianna from Somewhere, OhBoth of you are correct. Many Christian bands make their music in a way that can reach both audiences-their Christian listeners as well as the secular music audience. It can be interpreted in any way the listener chooses to do so.
  • Anna from Ottawa, KsActually, this song can be interpreted in many different ways. Yes, Relient K is Christian, but that doesn't mean every single one of their songs is about God.
  • Erik from Richmond, VaThis is a Christain Band. It is about God, and how he does not deserve the grace gieven to him from God.
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