You Will Never Run

Album: As Family We Go (2015)


  • This is the lead single from Ren Collective's fourth album, As Family We Go. Lead singer Chris Llewellyn told Billboard magazine making the record made the band focus on the idea of family. He explained: "As Family We Go is about community, but also about journey. We don't just exist in community for its own sake, but we have the adventure and the risk of ministry."
  • Llewellyn told NewReleaseToday the story behind this song. "The album is all about this idea 'as family we go.' It had us thinking a lot about the family of God as the Church and also about us being God's family and Him being our Father," he said. "As we've traveled around leading worship, we have found varied responses to the idea of God as Father. Even the word 'family' can carry a negative connotation, stirring up disappointment and betrayal."

    "The beautiful thing about our God is that He is a perfect Father, and He will never leave us or forsake us," Llewellyn continued. "That's the promise we hear in Deuteronomy, right at the start of the Bible. It's echoed again by Jesus's Words at the end of the Great Commission, where He says 'Surely I'm with you to the end of the age.'"

    "This idea that God is a Father who will never run out on us, and He will never leave us, is that He's not like our earthly family who has the ability to disappoint. That's not in His character.," he concluded. "Our God is love, and He can't act outside of that impulse. That's why the song is so celebratory in nature. Whenever you hear a truth like that, that no matter what ways you screw up, and no matter how far you run away from God, He'll never run away from you - that stirs up a song in you. That's why this song sounds the way it does."


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