Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

Album: All American Boy (1973)
Charted: 23
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  • "Hoochie Koo" is short for "Hoochie Koochie," which is sexual slang popularized by Muddy Waters in his song "Hoochie Coochie Man." In this song, Derringer finds a lady who really lights his fuse; he looks forward to a little Hoochie Koo.
  • This was first released on the Johnny Winter And album (1970), with Derringer and the McCoys (#1 "Hang On Sloopy") backing up Winter. Derringer, who wrote the song, decided to re-record it for his first solo single. It was his biggest hit as a solo artist.
  • In 1985, this was included on "The Wrestling Album," a collection of songs by various WWF wrestlers. This was the only song recorded by a real musician, although Derringer wrote "Real American" for the album, which became Hulk Hogan's theme song. A version featuring wrestling announcer Mean Gene Okerland appeared on Piledriver - The Wrestling Album II in 1987.

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  • Phx from NyI'd like to know who those backup singers are. Wikipedia says there are three of them but no names.
  • Gwp from Milford, Ohio - isolated lyrics... and a bubble is burst.
  • Donna from IllinoisA couple of years ago Rick was a guest at the hotel where I work. He’s a teeny guy. He’d get up in the middle of the night and buy ice cream from our gift shop and talk to me a bit. Just as nice as he can be.
  • George Pope from Richmond, BcDouglas, I think you'd do best going through an agent or broker to obtain the license. . .
  • George Pope from Richmond, BcI looked up lyrics on Googlebefore coming her; it clrearly is: Come on a little closer, gonna do it to you -- also something that wouldn't have received airplay before George Carlin closed the doors to stupid(unconstitutional) censorship
  • Marcus from MinneapolisWho is drummer on Rick Derringer's R&R hoochie Koo? Looks like a young Ginger Baker. Thanks!
  • Bruce from Snellville, GaWhat it says is come on a little closer gonna do it to you. FCC regulations would not have permitted airplay AT ALL if it were as you thought you heard it. Sorry.
  • Randy from Fayettevile, ArYeah!!! I remember when this was on the radio in 1974. Back then, me & my brothers were fans of Rick Derringer & his guitar-work. What a great talent. Very good rock & roll song that I still love. And I got to agree with "Ern, from Fresno CA" about those lyrics. When my oldest brother got the album we all listened to it for hours & you could actually hear his reference to pussy there. Gadz, how demented some teenage boys can be?? Haaaa!
  • Ern from Fresno, CaClear as anything Rick states "Come On little Pussy, gonna do it to you! Sorry all you G rated geeks.
  • Dane from Green Cove Springs Fla., FlGood song.I prefer Johnny Winter's version however.It's slower & bluesier.
  • Tim from Salem, VaThis song first appeared on Johnny Winter's "Johnny Winter And" LP. It was the debut album of the same name group,and Rick Derringer was in the band then. The cover is a black and white of the group. I bought this at our local Woolco store in 72'or73'. It was low-priced at the time. I don't remember the release date but I want to say 1970 or 1971. Johnny Winter does a good job on this tune. But Rick really rocked it more so on his "All American Boy" LP. Buy the "Johnny Winter And" on CD and see what you think. It is an okay album with some other good songs on it. And of course "All American Boy" is a very good album also,and you can get it at a low price.Bring back the 70's,no one seems to know what Rock and Roll is anymore.
  • Douglas from Englewood, NjQuestion: Where does one pay for the licensing of Rick Derringers Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo or other songs by Rick? Can't seem to find Licences! Gratitude
  • Sandra from Gardnerville, NvWhile I'm reminiscing...The very first thing I ever sang into a microphone was the back-up vocals..."Rock-and-Roll, Hoochie-Koo...Light-My-Fuse..." Damn, I'm old!
  • Sandra from Gardnerville, Nvp.s. to Richard in Anniston,
    AL...Still Alive And Well is totally hot! I've always loved that song! Damn! Our band used to play it, years ago. p.s.s. To Guillermo in New York, NY...I don't know that protocol to "gifting" songs to fellow musicians, but I do recall that the Eagles gave Linda Ronstadt, "Desperado" and I have never learned to this day who released it first. I remember researching it years ago, only to see that it was released the same year.
  • Sandra from Gardnerville, NvRock and Roll, Hoochie Koo was one of the first bass lines that I ever learned. It sure was a fun song to play. Still is. I saw Rick Derringer open for Sammy Hagar and Foghat at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in the late 70s. He should have been the headliner, he was the best. One word that described his performance that night is, ELECTRIC! The energy he had that night blew the other two acts away.
  • Richard from Anniston, AlOOps! Not sure why I thought this page was about "Still Alive and Well". Spacin' maybe.
  • Richard from Talladega, AlRick has become a born-again Christian. In a recent performance from Germany, he performs this with Christian messages and the line "He's still alive and well" (referring to Jesus). Johnny Winter also released an album titled "Still Alive and Well".
  • Max from Laconia, NhThis is one beastly song. I love when Derringer sings "Rock and roll, hoochi koo..." and then the chorus is "Rock and roll" thats just so awsome!!!
  • Jared from Yarmouth, MaAndy, to answer your question, Rick Derringer is the one singing the song. He wrote it, and he is the one singing. Rick had a very young sounding voice back in those days which he lost after the 70s, and he sounds noticeably different now when he sings the song live. If you still don't believe me, on the back of the All American Boy album which this song is off of, under Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo, it says "Rick plays guitar, bass, tambourine and sings lead vocals." A lot of confusion spreads about who wrote the song, and once again, it was Rick, not Johnny Winter. Rick wrote the song while playing with Winter's band, that's why Johnny does a cover of it to this day. Rick also wrote Still Alive and Well, not Johnny.
  • Guilliermo from New York, NyDoes anyone know if there is a general process by which Rock Stars "give" their songs to each other? Jonny Winter records this in 1970, as well as Still Alive and Well (1973). When I saw them on the same bill, Rick D. sang them both.
  • Andy from Los Angeles, CaDoes anyone know who actually sang the song?Written by Derringer but the vocals sound totally like Johnny OR Edgar Winter. This has confused me for years, is it Rick, Johnny or Edgar who actually sings the song??
  • John from Jersey City, NjAnd, just for the record, there really was a "group called the Jokers". Their lead guitarist was Richard "Dickie" Betts (later of Allman Bros. fame).
  • John from Jersey City, NjA closer approximation to Rick Derringer's lyrics would be:
    Couldn't stop movin' when it first took hold
    It was a warm spring night at the old town hall
    There was a group called ?the Jokers", they were laying it down
    Don't you know I'm never gonna lose that funky sound!

    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Lawdy Mama, light my fuse!
    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Go on out and spread the news!

    I hope you all know what I'm talking about
    The way they wiggle that thing, it really knocks me out
    Gettin? high all the time, hope you all are too
    C'mon a little closer ? gonna do it to you!

    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Lawdy Mama, light my fuse!
    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Go on out and spread the news!

    Mosquitos start a-buzzin? ?bout this time of year
    I?m goin? ?round back, she said meet me there
    We was rollin? in the grass, grows behind the barn.
    When my ears started ringing like a fire alarm

    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Lawdy Mama, light my fuse!
    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Go on out and spread the news!

    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Lawdy Mama, light my fuse!
    Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo!
    Go on out and spread the news!
    That I?m tired of payin? dues!
    Done said ?goodbye? to all my blues!
    Lawdy Mama, light my fuse!
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnActually "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo" does not appear on The Wrestling Album, although its title is mentioned in passing during the between-tracks banter between Okerlund, Vince McMahon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura just before "Real American".
  • Travis from Phoenix, Nyyeah Dazed and Confused is a great movie
  • Leya Qwest from Anchorage, AkI have always simply loved this song since the very first time! Bought the record album and went crazy for the awesome cover. Didja know that he discovered and produced nutty Weird Al Yankovic? And it was The Beatles' "Yesterday" that Rick and The McCoys knocked off the #1 spot in 1965 with "Hang On Sloopy." Man, do I ever hate it when radio stations insist on playing the short version of RARHK. Rick's original length electric guitar performance midway thru this hit is GODHEAD.
  • Tom from Colorado Springs, CoRick's real last name does start with a "Z", and he was in the "McCoys" who sang "Hang on Sloopy".
    My mother has a picture of Rick dancing in my grandparents living room (at my mom's 16th birthday party). Rick is originally from our hometown in Union City, Indiana, a small farming town on the Ohio state line. In August of 2001, I was lucky enough to catch a few moments with Rick at Kelly's Bar, in Union City, Ohio. I think he said that he is residing in Florida now.
    My grandmother and his mother were friends and they kept in touch for several years. Whenever I hear the tunes Rock-n-Roll Hoochie Koo, or Hang on Sloopy, I always think of our hometown, and growing up there in the 70's and 80's!
  • Heather from Fr, OhRich Derringer was Rick Zehringer and he & his brother started The McCoys.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThere was a parody version of this song called "Rock And Roll Scoobie Doo", complete with a Scoobie sound-alike interjecting "Scoobie-isms" throughout the song.
  • Celeste from Drexel Hill, PaAs far as I know Rick Derringer's real last name was Zerringer. He and his brother were in the McCoys.
  • Buddy from Indianapolis, Inthis was also in the movie Dazed and Confused.. totally awesome song
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