State Of The Union

Album: Siren Song Of The Counter Culture (2004)
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  • This song is about America and how it's supposed to be a great world power, but is really not better than anyone else. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Justin - Sierra Vista, AZ
  • In live performances, lead singer McIlrath has stated that this song is a "F--k You to George Bush and his F--king War." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kes - Independence, VA
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Comments: 2

  • Kelsey from Rustburg, VaBush is gone. This is Obama's fault now. I don't see anyone writing songs about him being a Jack-Ass and a failure. Idiots this it's racist because he's black. Start trashing the sucky new president and I'll be more open minded towards these other bands.
  • Mike from Presque Isle, MeI've never heard this song, but having read the lyrics, it proves that there's a market for stupidity and self-righteousness.
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