Cuddly Toy (Feel For Me)

Album: Roachford (1988)
Charted: 4 25
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  • In the UK, "Cuddly Toy" was inescapable in 1989. A very catchy song, it finds Andrew Roachford playing the part of a ladies' man zeroing in on one special girl. He wants her to know those rumors about him having a different girl in every town aren't true, and that all he really wants is a girl like her, a "cuddly toy" of his very own.
  • Roachford is the British band fronted by Andrew Roachford, who wrote this song. In a 2020 Songfacts interview, he told the story behind it: "I finished my album and I was looking – just for my live set – to write another song that was uptempo, so it wasn't really to be recorded. We started playing it at gigs and it was getting a good reaction, especially from the record company, so they asked me to record it, and they took the album off the shelves to repackage everything and accommodate this extra song 'Cuddly Toy,' which we knew was a good song – when we started playing it live it had that energy – but I didn't think I'd be still talking about it 30 years later, which is great!"
  • This was the first hit single released by Roachford. The song was first released in June 1988, with the title of "Cuddly Toy," peaking at #61 on the UK singles chart. It was re-issued nine months later, this time peaking at #4. Released in the US under the title of "Cuddly Toy (Feel for Me)," the tune peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June 1989.
  • The 2013 film Alan Partridge Alpha Papa starts off with Alan, played by Steve Coogan, miming the song in his car. Coogan explained to NME why they chose this track. "It's one of those songs that's slightly forgotten but still kind of catchy. We don't use bad music for Alan, we just use music that's slightly obscure."

    At first, the song was slated for the end credits of the film, but Coogan wrote the whole opening scene around the song, so it ended up out front. Andrew Roachford was thrilled with the placement and fine with it being used in a comedic sense. "It's called 'Cuddly Toy,' obviously it doesn't take itself seriously!" he told Songfacts.
  • This is an entirely different song to the Monkees 1969 cut, "Cuddly Toy."


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