Love Remedy

Album: Twice In A Lifetime (2020)


  • "Love Remedy" was the lead single from Roachford's 11th studio album, Twice In A Lifetime. Andrew Roachford revealed to BBC Radio 2 that the song is about "needing someone that helps to get you through a dark place."

    While it was the first single released from the album, Andrew Roachford told Songfacts that "Love Remedy" was actually the last song written for the set. Explaining his decision to lead with the single, Andrew said: "I wanted a kick-off song that was uplifting yet had the depth and soul of the rest of the album. 'Love Remedy' felt like it encompassed everything of what the album is about all in one song."
  • Andrew Roachford told Songfacts that "Love Remedy" was recorded live using Amy Winehouse's backing band. "We put it together quite quickly, but I insisted it be played live like the rest of the album," he said. "We put in the horns because this is my first album with a real horns section on it – that's ongoing throughout the album. We used the guys that used to tour with Amy Winehouse, and as a matter of fact, the drummer used to be my drummer and then he left – started working with Amy Winehouse after me and now he's back with me, so it's kind of full circle but it was great."
  • Twice In A Lifetime was Roachford's first album in seven years, following the release of This Beautiful Moment in 2013. Andrew Roachford explained to Songfacts why it took so long to return: "It's been a crazy, crazy few years for me because I've also been working with Mike + the Mechanics. I've been singing and releasing albums with them as well, so it was just a matter of having enough time to get the right songs together because I didn't want to just record any old song. I wanted them to be something special – I wanted it to be a special album where there's not just fillers in there, every song is a big song with a big meaning, so that took time to get together. I'm really excited about how it's going to be received and the result I'm really proud of."


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