Werewolf, Baby!

Album: Hellbilly Deluxe 2 (2010)
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  • Zombie told MSN Music how he came up with this song: "I think it may have started with the title. Sometimes I take music home and I'll work on lyrics, sometimes I'll make 'em up standing there in front of the microphone. I don't have a particular method of working, but we definitely work fast, because I've found in the past that no results have ever gotten better by beating something to death. That was never more apparent than when I was doing the first Hellbilly, and we'd been working on a song forever and eventually we just threw it away, and then one day I popped in the cassette and said, 'That was pretty good; why'd we throw that one away?' And that was 'Living Dead Girl,' which turned out to be a pretty popular song on the record. That made me think, 'God, it's so easy to overthink it where you love something and then you work on it to death and then you hate it.' So I don't do that anymore; we work pretty fast and furious."
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