Me Or Him

Album: Radio K.A.O.S. (1987)


  • This album is based on the 1985 Miners strike in Wales, which was a very hard and bitter time. The album has a pull out map of the area of Wales (UK) that paid a heavy price for losing the strike. This track is based on a sad event that took place when an innocent Taxi driver (Mr. Wilkie) was taking a working miner (called scabs by the strikers) in to the pit. Two striking miners dropped a 46lb concrete block and a concrete post weighing 65lbs from a bridge over the head of the Valleys Road at Rhymner. It fell on the taxi and the driver was killed within seconds from head and chest injuries. The passenger, Mr. Williams, was unhurt but deeply traumatized. The miners were jailed for life.
  • The story of the album is told from the point of an handicapped boy Billy who stays with his uncle in the USA while the strike was going on, but he is soon homesick. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Graham - Port Talbot, Wales, for above 2

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  • Slydog43 from Nj UsaThis does not make sense. I love this song so much, its changed my life. Its similar to situations surrounding "The Library At Alixandra". Great stuff. I just love the lyric "them some damn fool invents the wheel", best lyric of all time, seriously its the best. I grew up loving PF, then 40 years later I know I was right!!, thanks PF (the band that invented the light show, among many other 1sts, along with not cutting out SB (syd barret), great stuff
  • Chris from Boston MaRoger said in the voice over of the Wall DVD that his brother was a cab driver.... Perhaps that's why he related to the man who died.
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