Nowhere Is

Album: Forever Endeavour (2013)


  • Sexsmith penned this song about all the stupid fooling around he was doing before he met his second wife Colleen. He explained to UK newspaper, The Guardian: "I was 21 when I became a dad so I spent my 20s putting the kids to bed and stuff. So when I got a record deal... I mean, I'm not like Brad Pitt or anything, but there would be girls in, say, Norway who had heard my record and already made up their mind that they liked me. So you show up there and there she is… this was kind of the situation everywhere I went. So for a while I had girlfriends in different cities and was juggling all of that. I mean, I'm glad I got to experience all that but it was very stressful. When I met my second wife Colleen it made me realise that the fooling around was nowhere for me."
  • Sexsmith explained to CBC Music: "This was just about meeting my wife and realizing it was something I should investigate or else I might miss the boat on it. Like last chance for love or something. I was in the middle of my acting stupid and doing all the dumb things that hurt everyone in my family in the first place, so when I met her I just felt that where I was going was nowhere. The song is about me looking back with a sense of relief."


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