Nowhere To Go

Album: Forever Endeavour (2013)


  • This song deals with a low professional period in which it looked like Sexsmith's 2011 album Long Player Late Bloomer wouldn't get released. "This was written right after we were done on Late Bloomer," he explained to CBC Music. "We had so much rejection on the album initially, I couldn't believe it. Here I was working with Bob Rock, we're getting calls from the States from record companies saying they wanted to hear it, but then when we start playing it for people they were all saying it was too commercial. I had never heard that in my whole career. All the enthusiasm I had for making it completely evaporated, and I went back into this funky mood and wrote 'Nowhere to Go,' feeling like I couldn't do anything right. But at the same time I wanted it to be humorous, so I had a thing about being run over by a lawnmower, which is kind of how I was feeling. I just felt better from writing and singing it and that just triggered the rest of the song."


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