Between Sun And Moon
by Rush

Album: Counterparts (1993)
  • Neil Peart (From the Counterparts World Radio Premiere): "'Tom Sawyer' of course was cowritten with Pye (Dubois), and 'Force 10' on Hold Your Fire was too, and I really like his style of writing. It's inscrutable to me, sometimes, as I think it is to other people too, but at the same time it has a certain power in his images and writing. And also, there was some strange symbiosis that seemed to affect the songs; when Pye was involved in 'Tom Sawyer' and in 'Force 10,' it made them somehow a little different musically, you know, his percolation through me. I would get his ideas and then I would add mine to them and structure it as a Rush song, and then pass it along to the other guys. Even through that chain of events, somehow there was some outside influence that was good, so we've always kind of kept the open door to Pye's ideas. Anytime he had anything to submit he would send it along to me, usually scrawled in an exercise book. And in this case that was one that we all responded to some of the images in his presentation, so again I went to work on it, shaped it up into the kind of structure that we like to work with, and then added some of my own images and angles on it. And so it went."
  • Alex Lifeson (Guitar Player, December 1993): "Pete Townshend can make an acoustic sound so heavy and powerful. I've always admired that. On 'Between Sun And Moon' there's a musical bridge before the solo that's very Who-ish. I even throw Keith Richards in there. The song is really a tribute to the '60s."
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  • Jennifer from Chicago, IlHere's audio of Pys Dubois reading the original version of his poem "A Lake Between The Sun and Moon":
  • John from New York, NyThe link above does not work for Pye's original poem. Does anyone have a new one?
  • Matt from Houston, TxDoesn't lee look a bit like ozzy osbourne with his glasses on?
  • John from Asheville, Nc*Good* song on Counterparts. I don't dislike anything on that album and there's no exception here.
  • David K from Tampa, FlFun song, A song where Alex provides more backing vocals than usually when played live
  • Jesse from L.a., CaI think this song is better live than on Counterparts. Listen to the boot on the Rush in Rio CD.
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