Ghost Of A Chance
by Rush

Album: Roll The Bones (1991)
  • Neil Peart (from the "Roll The Bones Radio Special"): "I've always shied away from love songs and even mentioning the word in songs because it's so much cliché, and until I thought that I'd found a new way to approach it, or a new nuance of it to express, I was not going to write one of those kind of songs. "Ghost of a Chance" fit right in with my overall theme of randomness and contingency and so on, but at the same time it was a chance for me to write about love in a different way; of saying, "Here are all these things that we go through in life and the people we meet, it's all by chance. And the corners we turn and the places we go and the people we meet there." All those things are so random and yet through all of that people do meet each other, and if they work at it they can make that encounter last. So I'm saying there's a ghost of a chance it can happen, and the odds are pretty much against it, but at the same time that ghost of a chance sometimes does come through and people do find each other and stay together." >>
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    Mike - Mountlake Terrace, Washington

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  • Larry from Ft. Pierce, FlOh, how random, how fickle it all is. Wow, even with such a simple message, the music of the song speaks volumes on one of the most endearing traits of our existence and, overall, the human condition.

    What a great song.
  • Connor from Dallas , TxThis song is yet another masterpiece by Rush and it has a suberb chorus.
  • Sib from Los Angeles, CaThe only song from Rush that sounds like Springsteen wrote the lick. I mean that in a good way...
  • John from Asheville, NcOverlooked song on Roll The Bones. Love the lyrics...! Musically it's quite fine. A bit of a gem.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaThis song is great! I just love how it starts sort-of "hard rock-ish" and then the chorus is just a beautifully flowing soft piece...LOVE IT!
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