Lock And Key
by Rush

Album: Hold Your Fire (1987)
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  • According to bass player Geddy Lee, the music was written simultaneously with the lyrics and they fit together like a glove without any forethought.
  • Geddy used a 5-string bass on this track. He talked about it 1988: "You can get that sound out of most basses I think, but a Rickenbacker has a particular kind of top end, and bottom end as well. It has a particular kind of classic twang to it. I found that I wanted to get a little more subtlety in the sound, and I couldn't quite get it out of the Rick. I wanted to change the top end a little bit, get a little different shaped bottom end. Then I moved to a Steinberger, which really gave me a totally different sound. The top end didn't range as high and twangy, and the bottom end was quite a different shade. I liked it a lot, and used it onstage, and on the Grace Under Pressure album. But on Power Windows I got introduced to the Wal bass, made by a small company in England. Our producer, Peter Collins, had one and suggested I try it out. I used that bass on Hold Your Fire, and I'm very pleased with the results and its flexibility. I use a 4-string most of the time, but on "Lock And Key" it was a 5-string they made with an extra low "B". I find that low string really means more today, because we're living in the world of synthesizers that go lower than basses ever went before." >>
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Comments: 9

  • Patrick from Bedford, TxRead the lyrics and didn't have high hopes. Pressed play and heard s--tty keyboards. Damn. My dudes, I respect keyboards, but use one that doesn't sound like mine, that I bought from Target, for less than fifty dollars.
  • Mathieu from Saint-hyacinthe, QcThe movie contained in the music video and in the beginning of the "Show of Hands" show is The Last Mile, a 1932 movie. Also, he plays on a 4-string bass in the show, he replace the lower notes by the note an octave higher, e.g. when he's supposed to play a E#2, he plays a E#3.
  • Alessandro from Danbury, Oni like your song a lot but i don't know what it's about.
  • John from Asheville, NcI like this song quite well. Not a favorite from Hold Your Fire, but I like it. Interesting lyric.
  • Brett from Regina, CanadaAt the live show he uses a 4 string wal also.
  • Chuck from Houston, TxLets look at song title and the album title, they go hand and hand. "Keep it under lock and key" and "Hold your fire" - thats a good claboration, in my opinion.
  • Jordan from Port Hope, CanadaThis song is basically saying that we could all be killers. We could all have a killer instinct. But we control it -- we keep it under lock and key.
  • Stephan from Moedling, AustriaVery interesting that in the video Geddy uses his 4string Wal
  • Edward from Deptford, NjThis is one of Rush's most moving songs. The video is great. How true are the lyrics to this song, "we carry a sensative cargo, below the water line". Every one has a side to hide.
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