All Along

Album: The Elusive Yes (2014)


  • When Hobler was five years old, his grandfather was tragically stabbed to death by a mugger in the elevator of his apartment building. Hobler always felt robbed out of not getting to know his grandfather because he was taken away so early.

    He wrote this song after having a dream about his grandfather. He expressed to us how it was an emotional experience writing the song and how every time he sings it he gets lost in it. "It was really weird writing that song because it was just pouring out of me," he said. "It was just a lot of yearning and this want to have this connection with my grandfather who I didn't get to know that well."

    The night he wrote the song, Hobler went out to a crazy bachelor party for a friend. It was the exact opposite of how he felt that morning when writing the song. "It couldn't have been a more strange juxtaposition of a day," he said.


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