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  • SafetySuit is an Alternative Rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma who met while attending Oral Roberts University. They comprise singer Doug Brown, drummer Tate Cunningham, bassist Jeremey Henshaw, and guitarist Dave Garofalo. This is the opening track from their second album These Times.
  • Though the band always knew this track would start the album, it's arrangement has altered since the original demo. Brown explained to Artist Direct: "Initially, I had this wicked keyboard synth part. The way that it played just built anticipation. We were like, 'This needs to open the record. You can feel the anticipation of it.' If I remember correctly, Tate sat down by himself one day and composed that string part that comes up at the beginning. We wanted to change the keyboard and use this string part. It was totally different, but it was much more acoustic and real than the synths. It made for such a nice ambient lead into the whole record."
  • Brown told Artist Direct: "The song itself has a message that we wanted to start the record off with. People have to try to believe in themselves a little bit more."
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