Life In The Pain

Album: These Times (2012)


  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Alternative Rock band SafteySuit close their second album, These Times, with this tale of someone suffering hardship, which finds vocalist Doug Brown crooning, "There's something about life in the pain." The singer explained to Artist Direct: "I wrote that line—'There's something about life in the pain'—when I was at the piano in my house one day. These times are really tough, but there's something about these times that makes life great. Sometimes, people do their very best to shelter themselves from pain and hurt. I think it's best to let yourself feel it all. It makes you appreciate when times are good and it makes you learn when times are bad."
  • Brown told Artist Direct why SafetySuit close the album with this acoustic guitar, piano, and string-driven song: "I like slowing the record down. I think a record should go up a hill and then come down a little bit so it can fade in and out of itself if you have it on repeat. Any artist's first record is very innocent. You're naïve and new to the whole business. On the second record, we had gone through so many ups and downs of being in this business and understanding it's a lot more work than you would have ever imagined it to be."


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