These Times

Album: These Times (2012)
  • This is the title track to American Alternative Rock band Safetysuit's second album. It finds the band's vocalist Doug Brown singing of the struggles people face and how their difficulties will pass. "We were really excited about it when we were finished because we knew that this song is exactly what we wanted to say and how we wanted it to sound," said Brown. "We're not really a soapbox band. We're not going to get up there an preach to everybody too often, but we felt like we needed to speak to everyone in the country and around the world and say times are tough for people. When you're struggling with your family, your health, or your job, or whatever it is, people are having a rough go of it right now, so we just wanted to write something that basically says that these times are a hard, but they will pass. Try to have a glimmer of hope that they can hold onto."
  • The mostly acoustic song was penned at the end of the songwriting process for the album. "We recorded our entire record and we thought we were done," said Brown, "and we listened through it and felt like something was missing, and we ended up writing, These Times."
  • The band invited some of their fans to share some of the trials going through for the song's music video. The clip begins with them holding up signs with an ordeal they've faced written on them. As the song progresses, the fans turn their signs over and show the other side with "They will pass" written on them.


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