Now and Later

Album: Bachelor Party (2016)
Charted: 17 93
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  • The lead single from Bachelor Party, Sage the Gemini compares his diverse taste in girls to a certain brand of fruit-flavored candy that comes in a variety of flavors. Sage told Genius:

    "That's a hood candy. Every hood baby eats Now and Laters. I'm a hood baby. I remember having a loose tooth and you know how when you eat a Now and Later, you can't really chew it, you kind of just have to let it melt. So, it got stuck on my loose tooth and when I tried to pull it off, all I heard was pop. And my tooth was in the Now and Later. I remember taking out my tooth and just continuing to eat the Now and Later—like it was normal."
  • Asked what inspired him to write a candy song, Sage the Gemini replied:

    "I was working with APG (Artist Publishing Group) for a very long time and I remember when I was like 19, we tried to come up with a candy song but we just could not do it. Obviously it was very hard since it took me almost like five years to get it nailed. I don't follow blueprints or whatever. So it just came to me. I wasn't like 'Ooh, I'm going to do this kind of song.' I heard it and as soon as they played it for me I was like 'This is a hit.' I went down there, told him to cut my microphone on, and I just started flowing out of my mind."
  • You got 31 flavors, baby
    You can get this now and later, now and later

    Now and Later has around nineteen flavors available in both the Traditional and Chewy variety. So why 31 flavors in the song? Sage explained:

    "The reason why I chose 31 flavors is because you got to be universal. You want the kids to hear it and you want to grown-ups to use their imagination as well. Everyone can enjoy this song and in their head just come up with their own thing with their imagination. 31 flavors can be Baskin-Robbins, and you know, for kids, flavors, colors, whatever. But for grown-ups, it can be Latinas, black people, Black women. Use your imagination."
  • The song was released as a single on October 14, 2016. It started to gain traction online after it was featured in promotion as a Snapchat filter in late November 2016.


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