Stiletto Heels

Album: The Third Step (1976)
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  • "Stiletto Heels" was reviewed by Angie Errigo in the September 25, 1976 issue of New Musical Express, where it was actually made Single Of The Week.
    The reviewer commented: "I had a catastrophe with a casserole in the course of leaping about the kitchen to this" which she described as a fixation for "crazy dames with ruby red lips" - and tarty ways! part 2 of "Glass Of Champagne", and "irresistable dance-wise".

    That may have been her opinion, but this is actually a rather weak song, more foolish romanticising by the band's songwriter Georg Kajanus about the sort of woman a sailor might take to his cabin but would certainly not take home to mother.

    "Stiletto Heels" was released in September 1976 backed by "Out Of Money". >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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