Album: Jackrabbit (2015)


  • San Fermin's self-titled 2013 debut album was written in solitude by frontman Ellis Ludwig-Leone and recorded by a small army of 22 musicians. The second record, Jackrabbit, was penned by Ludwig-Leone in a similar spirit and lay on his laptop for nearly a year. However once San Fermin started touring as an eight-piece band, Ludwig-Leone was forced to workshop his material for a live setting. So he rewrote the album's songs, and the result is looser. "I was looking for a sound that was a little darker," Ludwig-Leone told NPR, "and maybe a little more manic."
  • This is the title track. "'Jackrabbit' is the last song I wrote on this record," Ludwig-Leone told Billboard magazine, "and it definitely sums up some themes I've been circling for a while now. It's fight-or-flight plus a marching band, which is basically my stance on everything."


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