I'm A Lady

Album: Santogold (2008)
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  • "I'm A Lady" is a track from Santigold's debut album - she was using the name Santogold at the time. It's an upbeat song with lots of confidence, which served her well as she broke into the business. "Someday they'll make a martyr out of me," she sings.

    "My lyrics come from just my life experiences," she told NME at the time. "It's not something that I actively think about, but a lot of times the music dictates the lyrics to me. When I write songs, I listen to the music and I just sing whatever comes out.

    Whatever comes out, I make sure it sounds good and I make sure it's smart, but whatever the content is is whatever's on my heart."

    "I'm a very emotional person," she added. "Anything that I'm thinking or feeling bubbles up. There's a certain kind of integrity and honesty that comes with that."
  • Trouble Andrew, real name Trevor Andrew, sings on this track with Santigold. He was a professional snowboarder who competed at the 2002 Winter Olympics, but by this time was focused on music. He released a self-titled debut album in 2007.

    At the time, Andrew and Santigold were dating. They later got married and in 2014 had a son together named Rad.
  • Chris Feinstein, who played guitar on the song, wrote it along with Santigold, Trouble Andrew, and John Hill, who produced it and played bass and keyboards.
  • "I'm A Lady" found a new audience in 2022 when it was used in the Netflix movie Along For The Ride, starring Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, and Andie MacDowell.
  • The song didn't get an official music video, but an unofficial one showed up on YouTube in 2008 that has endured on the service. It's low budget but entertaining, with a guy creating a robot woman he uses to do his bidding. A great snapshot of what YouTube looked like in 2008.


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