I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Album: Ta-Dah (2006)
Charted: 1
  • This camp disco song is a deliberate rebuke to the Bee Gees disco standard "You Should Be Dancing." In the Daily Telegraph on September 9, 2006, Babydaddy puts it, "Our life wasn't that song, as much as we wanted it to be."
  • In the Brit Awards 2007 magazine, Jake Shears called this "The happiest-sounding song ever written about staying in and feeling miserable."

Comments: 8

  • Christina from Karlstad, -This was the first Scissor sisters song that I really liked, found them annoying back then, now I like them a lot. This song really makes you wanna dance :D
  • Ally from Manchester, EnglandTo Hlynna, a "Joanna" is a Piano, it's from Cockney Rhyming slang x
  • Hlynna from Charleston, Sc"When the old Joanna plays." What is a joanna?
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Pai love this song it makes me wanna get up and grove and who ever dosen't like this song has no paulse...go to the internet site and put your face on the dancer its fun...love the sisters
  • Instantmagic from San Antone, TxI like SS, they sound like elton john, the bee gees, and abba all rolled into one. Love the seventies? You'll love this band.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesVery catchy, and finally a rebuke to tjat rubbish Bee Gees song (although rapper Blockster's 199 cover version of "You Should Be Dancing" was even worse than the brothers Gibbs'...)
  • Catherine from Glasgow, Englandhmm.. well i can see why it would get annoying but i think it's catchy
  • Ken from Yorkton, CanadaThe most annoying song ever. They play over and over on our FM station and I'm sick of it.
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