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Album: Hear Me Now (2010)


  • This is the first single by acoustic rock band, Secondhand Serenade, from their third studio album, Hear Me Now. The song was debuted on May 17, 2010 on Kid Kraddick's nationally syndicated radio show.
  • The song was produced by Secondhand Serenade singer/songwriter John Vesely along with drummer Tom Breyfogle at Vesely's home studio and mixed by Mark Endert (Train, Maroon 5).
  • Though Aaron Johnson (The Fray) produced the majority of Hear Me Now in Los Angeles, Vesely, helped by Secondhand Serenade drummer Tom Breyfogle, took charge of this single along with two other tracks. Vesely explained to Billboard magazine that was out of necessity. "The label was telling me that we needed more songs for the album, that we weren't quite done, and I was worried my album was never going to come out," he recalled. "I just sat at the piano and started writing the song; it was a lot different than any of the other songs I'd written, and it became the first single."
    Vesely added he "really enjoyed" helming a few songs. "It was something I've always wanted to do and finally had the confidence to go out and do it," he said. "Some of my favorite songs are the ones I produced myself. It was a really great experience for me."


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