Album: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)
  • Seether's lead singer Shaun Morgan experienced a difficult public breakup with girlfriend Amy Lee of Evanescence, who proceeded to write "Call Me When You're Sober" about her relationship with Morgan and his denial over his drinking habits. Coincidentally the Seether frontman went into rehab the day the song came out. Some have speculated whether this song is his reply, but Morgan denied it in a MTV interview. He said: "It isn't an aggressive song, and it isn't even an angry song - I would prefer to refer to it as a lament rather than an angry backlash. You couldn't tell that the song was about one person. It's probably more universal. I prefer to be a little more vague and respectful. There are some things I could have said and done too - there are always two sides to every story. And if anything, the song says, 'Fine. Go ahead and say those things.' But what's the point of telling my side? That's what the bloodthirsty want, and I don't care what the bloodthirsty want."
  • When we spoke with Shaun Morgan in 2013, he admitted that the song was, in fact about Amy Lee. "She was very much an inspiration for that song," he said. "But she's also been the inspiration for other songs, as well, which are not quite as current. [Laughs] So yeah. Honestly, I think I wanted to do something that was different. I wanted to say, 'Okay. That's the way you want to approach this whole thing and that's the road you want to walk on.'

    I never thought it would be a single. It was just a song for me to get it out of my system. And yeah, she definitely was a very big part of the inspiration for that song. I'll put it that way." (Here's the full Shaun Morgan interview.)
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  • Daniel from Winchester, OhioI will forever dedicate this song to my former best friend Landon.
  • Niko from Petteyville, Nythis is a great song i feel the emotion in it even if it is or is not for Amy Lee the song is very powerful
  • Kurtiz&hears; from Brooklyn, Nyi luv amy lee but she didnt have the right to say all their "dirty laundry" public like that. and shaun actually didnt stoop 2 her level. i hope shes happy with her "new" husdand cause shaun doesnt need her.
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