Call Me When You're Sober

Album: The Open Door (2006)
Charted: 4 10
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  • This song is about Amy Lee's former boyfriend, Seether lead singer Shaun Morgan. Coincidentally, he went into rehab the day the song came out.

    When Songfacts spoke with Morgan, he explained that the Seether song "Breakdown" was inspired by Amy Lee and this track in particular. "She wrote a song about me called 'Call Me When You're Sober,' and then she tried to retract that," he said. "Basically she went out and aired all my dirty laundry in the press. She was bad mouthing me and everything."
  • The video, which was directed by Marc Webb, has a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme. Says Lee: "The song is so literal, that we felt like the video would have the freedom to go in a less literal direction, so it's a modern re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and sort of a more cool, superhero, rock and roll Little Red Riding Hood." >>
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    Nikki - Canada
  • Shaun Morgan told Kerrang! July 19, 2008 about how he feels about this song: "Yes, there was truth in it but it was a melodramatic, 15-year-old gothic poetry truth. She made it sound very one-sided. Like I was a horrible drunk, always hammered, but I wasn't. I drank to cope when I was unhappy in the relationship. I was angry and trapped. No one's perfect, man. Besides, I like drinking."
  • In the same Kerrang! interview, Morgan explained why he hasn't responded with any song in answer to Lee's account of their failed relationship. He said: "People love drama. Everyone wants entertainment in someone else's misery. But we wanted to separate ourselves from her as much as possible. We didn't want to rise to the gauntlet that she had thrown down. We wanted to set ourselves apart from the Evanescence/Amy Lee cloud that followed us."
  • Amy Lee told Spin magazine in 2011 that she feels the song has become a chick anthem. She said: "I definitely get a lot of girls who are like, 'That's my song. I assigned that ringtone to my ex-boyfriend.'"
  • In a 2016 Songfacts interview with Amy Lee, she said, "That song is more about a breakup. The ending of a relationship and getting to the place with yourself where you're finally willing to stand up for yourself. Put your foot down when you know you need to. It's the harder path to step out into the unknown.

    It's easy for me to apply that across the board to lots of situations in my life. When I'm singing that live, I definitely have different places where I go with it these days."

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  • Robert from Richmond,vaI actually have this song assigned to my ex-Girlfriend.
  • Robert from Richmond,vaI actually Like both songs this one and Breakdown as same as I like both bands Evanescence and Seether.
  • Jacob from La Push, Warefound the song. not bad at all.
  • Dmonheart from Not Telling Xd, VaAmanda-I agree 100% :) i agree that songs are a way to vent (i do it too)... most of my favorite songs are results of artists venting. just as u said, its the fact that she just says that shaun's the bad guy and thats all there is too it is what gets under my skin. I know i don't know what it was like for her, but i've seen enough of evanescence's behind the scenes videos to know that it wasn't just shaun because there are just as many of her drunk as there are him drunk. i might actually like the song if she put something about that it wasn't all shaun's fault (which it wasn't) in there. but, she didn't, and i can't really do anything so whatev :)
  • Amanda from Cherry Valley, CaDmonheart, Not telling XD, VA You do realise that lots of artists do that it's there way to vent and let those emotions out and really come on saying she imature because she wrote a song about her ex that might not be actually how it happen. You DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE FROM HER WHEN SHE WAS IN THAT RELATIONSHIP and of course he see it differently but it would be as good a song if she showed what it was like for him.
  • Dmonheart from Not Telling Xd, VaHATE this song, hate Amy Lee!... I don't care if you guys don't like what I'm about to say, but I'm going state my honest opinion. This was completely uncalled for in Shaun Morgan and Amy Lee's breakup, especially since she didn't look at the fact that she was CONSTANTLY drunk too and was half the reason they broke up. At least Shaun was the better person to not respond and comeback with a song to insult her... I hate this song and since then I hate Amy Lee. I think its amazing that she says shes grown up and shes a stronger person even though she does something immature like exposing peronal buisness with the whole world to make Shaun/Seether seem horrible when they're actually not. Ok thats it for me... i've spoken my mind. I totally respect you guys's opinions, even if I disagree with them :)
  • Joel from New Orleans, LaDoes anyone else think that Amy Lee looks like
    Pauley Perrette (Abby from NCIS)? At any rate I like the song but it does annoy me when a song changes style in the middle and back again. If you liked that video check out the video for Fear. It's performed by Stop Making Friends featuring Pauley Perrette.
  • Lexxus from Not Telling......;d, TxI like the beat of this song, but I don't like
    the words. Alot of young viewers look up to
    Amy Lee, and this song kind of shows she picks
    up trashy, sick, drunk guys. I'm glad Amy Lee
    was able to drop him.......
  • Dresden from Bucks, United KingdomThe guy in the video is an English actor called Oliver Goodwill. He is supposed to play some kind of wolfman apparently, because the theme is a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood.

    Fantastic song and beautiful video.
  • Patty from Alamo, Txi love this song...the video is like so cool it looks like she is telling the guy to get his acts straight than call me....idk but that is my opinion....
  • Quentin from Your Mom, Bhutandude this song freakin roxx my soxx
    ps... cradle is the satanic love child of seether and evanscence...
  • Katerina from Thessaloniki, GreeceI love the whole song except from the chorus. I think it doesn't suit the song.
  • Crystal from Portland, OrI love this song and the video. That ending when she is walking down the table with all the food flying out of the way must really show a sign of her anger towards her ex-boyfriend. I also love it, because the lyrics are almost of what the Rolling Stones would have said to their member, Brian. He left the band, because of his drug abuse problem. When I heard about this song, I understood it was about Amy's boyfriend who is a heavy drinker, and she just cannot agree with that, inspiring her to right this song for him. Anyway, about the Rolling Stones, I already made a video about it on Window's Movie Maker with this song and tried to match the pictures with the words (I even added an "X" on Brian right when she sings "...never mine!"). I'll post this video on the Internet, eventually, entitled "Call Us When You're Sober."
  • Milla from Fredericksburg, VaCatherine, Corona, CA, I understand why Shaun would choose alcohol over Amy Lee XD hahaha
    She's annoying and this song is so over played. I say GO SHAUN!!!
  • Ahmed from Baghdad, Iraqyes the old album with ben moody was deeper and better although this one is not bad
  • Spaz from Vegas, Nvi love this song but amy should have taken the higher road and she shouldnt have told the world about their life
  • Joel from Columbia, ScKieth of Iowa, I have to strongly disagree. Amy Lee is no sell out pal. If you don't like the song then you don't have to listen just don't be a jerk and ruin it for all the Amy Lee fans out there.
  • Sophie from Dewit, NyI love Evanescence, but this song got sooo old. The earlier songs are so much better.
  • Chris from Lincoln, EnglandGreat song, great album, I don't know which is better, Fallen or Open Door, both are awesome!
  • Hadeel from LebanonThis song is really nice,and I think Amy has showed her fans how strong she is to deal up with her last break-up before announcing her engagement to Josh..Im really proud of Amy...(she has grown up)
  • Mrjimmy from Fear, EgyptThis song delves into archetypes as well. The unrequited love archetype, as well as the "fed-up woman" archetype ;)

    I highly recommend the disc.

    Amy Lee approaches Björk in command of her voice. I need to listen to more of Evanescence's material to see if she croons and purrs. She sure howls and growls great! LOL!
  • Teresa from New York City, Nyi love this video so much i cant get enough of it i listen to it every day and i love the little red ridding hood theme and the way the dishes come flying off the table its so cool
  • Mikkho from Malabon City, OtherI love the gorgeous face of Amy Lee. And Evanescence rocks!
  • Catherine from Corona, Ca I got the new album for Christmas! "Call Me When You're Sober," explains the story about her wasted boyfriend who constantly lies about his sick alcoholic drinking habits. It's disgusting! He never sobers up, and she has grown weary of his lies and excuses and forces him to leave since he has chosen alcohol over her.
  • Alex from Gaithersburg, MdGina Glockson sang it on 3-7-07 on Americian Idol
  • Sarah from Lockport, Nythis song is one of my favorites and im happy they came out with a new cd =]
  • Holly from Ridley Park , PaThe video for call me when you're sober is so awesome, And the lyrics are so true.
  • Melanie from Milwaukee, WiOkay does anyone know who that guy in the video was? He looked so familiar and the harmonizing parts may be some of the backround vocals of her sisters because if you look in the thank yous and backround vocals section Amy Lee's sisters are mentioned in there.
  • Georgina from Laredo, TxI loved this video a goth red riding hood. Evanescence knows how to rock!!!
  • Jagriti from Delhi, IndiaI luv dis song.Amylee's awsome.No other word for dis song,except 4 "wow".
  • Melanie from Milwaukee, WiSo love this group because Amy Lee and I are almost the same vocal range. She can hit a little higher than I can. I'm getting their new CD this week.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandTerry, this is about as Goth as Westlife... "My Immortal" was a goth song, this is a nu-metal song (and I mean that in a sound-sense, not in a style sense as numetal is talentless crap and this song isn't)
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkI'm going to diasgree with Sam, Portsmouth, VA because her voice harmonizing is part of the beauty of the song and all of their songs. And the guitar riffs are kind of like the signature of the band. You hear the guitar and Lee's vocals and you know what you're listening to.
  • Stacy from Sunbury, AustraliaI never knew whilst watching the video that the guy was a 'wolf man', meaning that he tranformed from the guy to thw wolf and then back to the guy, it was interesting to find it out. I love this song so much, the whole album has left me awstruck. I can not explain to you how good it is, you will have to buy it yourselves.
    Does anyone else think the 'wolf man' is hot?
    I think his eyes are gorgeous.
    Anyways, Evanescence Rock my Socks. Lol.
    Can't wait for future albums and new releases from the CD.
  • Sara from Kingman, AzEvanescence rocks in my eyes there is no one better Amy is so pretty and has REAL talent
    Rock on Evanescence this song is really awesome!
  • Sarah from Hazelton, PaThis is the best song ever! I can't wait until i can finally buy the new CD! Amy Lee is so pretty and she has the awesomest vocals ever!
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaThis song would be ok if Amy Lee wouldn't harmonize after every line and if the guitar riffs weren't the same as every Evanescence song known to man.
  • Terry from Houston, TxI am a big fan of Heavy with meanging. You know, good strong guitar riffs, Add Amy Lee, and its a great Goth Album. I am happy she decided to put her own twist on this album, whereas the first album was the product of more of the entire band. This album itself is more Amy Lee than anyone. I liked 'Fallen'....I love 'The Open Door'.
  • Zoey from Des Moines, IaI love it. And i have the biggest crush on Amy Lee. She is stunning. I watched the video on Kerrang over and over. Its much heavier than a lot of the stuff which featured on 'Fallen' but i loved that record, im hoping 'The Open Door' will be just as good, if not better.
    This is one of those songs that even after the first listen, you sorta know all the words to it. Very simple, i like it. Definitely cant wait to hear more of their new stuff.
  • Jacquie from Aberdeen, MdI love this song, I'm glad they came out with a new cd!!!
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