No Jesus Christ

Album: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)
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  • There are two theories on this song's meaning:

    1) It's about a girl who thinks the world revolves around her, with the singer knocking her down a peg by letting her know that she isn't Jesus.

    2) The song is questioning the existence of Jesus, saying that if he existed, why wouldn't he put an end to all this mayhem on earth instead of sitting in heaven watching it.

    In our 2013 interview with Shaun Morgan of Seether, he gave us the answer. "'No Jesus Christ' is called that because of people with their God complexes that I was surrounded by for a while," he said, adding, "And it may or may not have been inspired by a girlfriend that talked a lot of crap about me in the press."

    That girlfriend would be Amy Lee, who wrote the song "Call Me When You're Sober" about Shaun in 2006 and slagged him off in the press. So the song is not about religion, but people with God complexes.

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  • Tyler from South CarolinaI love reading people arguing over the meaning of a song. Both are right because the biggest question is what does it mean to you? Shaun wrote/recorded that song for you. As an alcoholic this song pulls on my codependent strings because my addiction would take over like it was God not realizing I'm putting the gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger. So, the first half of this lyrical master piece is me under my bottle talking to the people around me. Your no Jesus Christ. Then realizing what I'm doing to myself and what the bottle is doing to me. The bottle is no Jesus christ. I'm sure this is far from what Shaun was thinking writing these lyrics but that's what it means to me. Maynard said it best years ago when I asked him what the meaning of "H." Was to him. He said "it doesn't matter. I wanna know what it means to you"
  • Sorra from South AfricaWell I don't know if he is Catholic because there's not that many Catholics in South Africa. But the song definitely speaks about someone/ people with a superiority complex. People who think they do good or act good but are hypocritical.

    Whether the band believe in God is not for me to say but you won't sing about someone specific if you know that person don't exist? If your an atheist then why would you even say someone acts as Jesus which in your reality does not exist?

    I also want to add that the whole thing about "There cannot be a all-good, and all-powerful god, or there would be no pain or evil" does not make sense. We humans love our comfort zones and we forget God during our good times. God's son gave his life for our sin and God can best relate with us when we going through trouble and hard times. Read the book of Job in the bible and and you will see. God can do anything but he gave us a free will. He cannot bend your will and force you to do the right thing. The wrong choices we make or some other people make is what cause madness in this world. All God can do is to make the best of that situation and I can testify for that. My parents was murdered and I never understood why but 20 years later you may understand why. We cannot see the full perspective from our small pedestal.

    Now too much heartache can push us of the edge if we have no support / are mentally not strong. Even I have stood on a edge of a church roof to jump but I didn't. Some days I also feel super emotional and listen to music that can easier be related to suicide, pain and heartache but I try to cope and at least I have God to trust on cause he has always pulled me back up.
  • Sidney from Pretoria South AfricaJeez Guys! Do some research before you become so adamant. Seether are not Catholic. Most South Africans are protestants. Shaun Morgan said in an interview after Isolate that he had been reading a lot of "interesting" atheist literature while writing the album. He certainly SHOULD be an atheist. I have had a great deal of pain in my life too and that seems like the sensible response. There cannot be a all-good, and all-powerful god, or there would be no pain or evil.
  • Buddy from St Petersburg, FlThis song is the voice of an ego of an unconscious person (unenlightened) that is being told by a conscious (enlightened person with no ego) that they need to wake up. In many ways, Jesus Christ was the message of this awakening and has been symbolic of it, yet highly misinterpreted for a long time. It also is the nasty voice of a human condition called "Codependency". I have learned this lesson the hard way, as trying to bring awareness to a codependent partner of mine after I broke the condition / addiction myself. I had many people in my life trying to wake me up from an unconscious state when my ego was ruling my world and had full control of me. Of course this is the reaction!! Two words: Eckhart Tolle (Google that!)
  • Lynne from Williamsburg, VaI think it's about SOMEONE (a girl?) that thinks they are very special. They go among the weak and innocent and instead of acting the way Jesus did (caring, loving among the regular people) the person is a sycophant serving their own ego in order to appear "special". And, when among the meek, lowly people, they are serving their own ego but... the meek know better about the person. The song says "You're no Jesus Christ" because Jesus interacted with the regular guy but for a different reason. So, the "You keep taking over, I keep rolling over" part is about blindly following someone who thinks they are "all that" and really they are a fraud. Shaun (?) can't take it anymore- the hypocrisy of the person. So it has nothing to do with Jesus, really, just about someone who THINKS they are like Jesus but really they aren't because it is self serving. You are no Jesus Christ.
  • Ted from Denver, CoNo Jesus Christ:

    "You keep takin' over,
    I keep rollin' over,
    I can't take it anymore."

    BTW, he does believe in Jesus Christ. Listen to "The Eyes of a Devil"...
  • Ted from Denver, CoBoth theories are wrong. The CD came out in 2007. This was the year of HUGE presidential campagning. The song is about the pride of the unfulfilling politician....

    'Suicide' is about falling in love with the same kind of woman over and over and over again... Different name, different face, same demeanor!!!

    You punks have no clue how to read lyrics...

    In fact, the first 5 songs on finding beauty in negative spaces are about f--ked up women. The same theme runs through Disclaimer II... Rise Above This, he finds the answer within!!!
  • Candi from Hot Springs, ArLOL, I always thought he was just ticked about Amy Lee thinking she was so high and mighty!
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyYes, I think this song is about someone believing he would be great, even if he isn't great. He believes he could do anything, but he's just No Jesus Christ.

    To the Jesus-haters: Don't be so f--king stupid. Just take a look on the Eyes Of The Devil's lyrics: JESUS SAVE ME, JESUS SAVE ME, JESUS SAVE ME, over and over and over again! They are NOT anti-christs.
    And this song is NOT stupid, wrong or hateful, Scoot and Meggan you are exactly those kinds of persons this song is about!!!
  • Ross from Boston, Japanthis song is about a person who chooses only to do the right thing to do,, but the person does it only to benefit that persons' self. The phrase "Your're No Jesus Christ" means that the person is only posing as jesus and that person is actually just some person who is no better than the other
  • Joel from Victoria, Capetown, South AfricaI don't really know what this song is supposed to be about and frankly I don't care. Shaun Morgan sounds very pissed off and a bit suicidial. I've been there especially when I was drunk off my ass which doesn't happen as much anymore. I had violent dreams and ideas when I was boozing. I've since sought help and with the right combination of meds and talk therepy I know things are going to work out for the best. Call it what you will, this is still a very powerful song.
  • Gabe from New York, NyShea, Seether is not catholic. Check your facts. If they were, there wouldn't be so many songs about suicide, something that you should know is "discouraged" by the church.
  • Luz from Socorro, NmThis is the first time ever that I've heard Shaun Morgan being Catholic... I can honestly say that I seriously doubt that... And I have another song in mind where Seether is somewhat... Blasphemous I guess... and that is in "69 Tea".
  • Shea from New York, NyThis song is definitely the first theory. All of the members of Seether are catholic and they would never say that there is no jesus christ
  • Virginia from Port Republic, MdScott, FYI, Meggan was thinking like the second theory. I think it is the first, because it goes 'You're no Jesus Christ', putting Jesus higher than anyone else. I do love this song, it's one of my favorites :)
  • Scott from Jackson, AlMeggan, who are you to call Jesus hateful. Jesus is not the hateful one, you are. This song is stupid, wrong, hateful, and dosen't deserve to be listened to.
  • Meggan from Evansville, InAmazing song. I love it. I like to think it's about jesus being hateful. it's true...
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