Album: American Standard (1995)
Charted: 39
  • This is an interesting song about a troubled relationship between the singer and his significant other. He is in a desperate emotional state and probably not thinking clearly. Some of the symbolism in this song is pointing to this: "Two worlds, one with an arrow and a cross" could refer to the symbols for male and female, the circles with an arrow and female circle with a cross. >>
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    matt - fort worth, TX

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  • Robert Earls from Mechanicsville, VirginiaI always thought it was a play on the College they were attending at the time. 7 letters in "William" 3 letters in "and" and "Mary" 7 Mary 3. but the Chips reference makes some sense also, since they no doubt watched that in prime time growing up.
  • Tony from Hernando, MsI think this is a song about balance in people's lives. And also how when the balance is off center then life becomes unbearable. Lyrics suggest this in Too Heavy, Too Light, Too Black,Too White,Too Rich, Too Poor. Balance in two worlds God lifts up the balance life becomes Cumbersome.
  • Mark from Fort Walton Beach, FlMakes me think about trying to fix a relationship thats dead but the person singing doesn't want to give up
  • Breeze from Orlando, Flthey came up with the name one day sitting around watching the 1970's cop show CHiPs on TV. 7 Mary 3 was the call sign for one of the characters. In the police radio call sign "7M3"; 7 designates the patrol beat, M for Mary designates that he is a motorcycle unit and 3 is his unit number.
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhI don't know anything about this group. Does anyone know where their name 'Seven Mary Three' originated from?
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