Find Another Way

Album: The Rain Parade EP (2022)
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  • Shawn Brown, a Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter, told Songfacts the story behind "Find Another Way." Says Brown: "I wanted to write a song about the way nostalgia and hope can both fuel and f--k with each other. We are all these super-flawed narrators of our own stories, so sometimes we need to simply drop all the analysis, make decisions differently and see where the pieces fall. I suppose it's a bit of a pep talk for choosing to change the things we don't like. Things being as they are at the moment, we need those reminders that we actually have the agency to get s--t done and make changes. I certainly do!"
  • This song is part of Brown's six-song EP The Rain Parade, which marks a return to music after a long hiatus. He worked on it with his good friend, Rafa Cirne Lima.

    "This whole thing came out of pure friendship. I'd been out of music for about 10 years and Rafa Lima just wasn't having it. He had this magical way of coaxing me back into writing, which turned into jamming, which turned into a full-blown recording project. Myself, Grecco Burrato and Rafa, we were making music for ourselves and all these other hugely talented people just kept jumping on board with what we were doing. Turns out, I had a lot to say in these songs, so I'm grateful people get to hear it. To me, the whole EP just sounds like friends lovin' on each other."


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