I'll Follow You

Album: Amaryllis (2012)


  • Lead vocalist Brent Smith sings on this song about an endless devotion to his girlfriend Teresa Collier over strings and piano. Drummer Barry Kerch commented to Alternative Addiction: "Really it's a love song pure and simple. I'll do whatever it takes; I'll follow you anywhere and everywhere."
  • Bass player Eric Bass co-wrote this tune. He told City Beat magazine the story of the song: "The piano part I had for a couple years. I had been playing it in sound checks. We don't write on the road, but if it's something someone in the band hears, 'Hey remember that. Record that.' We are pretty in tune with that sort of stuff."

    "We were out on our acoustic tour that we did on the end of our last record cycle with Will Hoge, a great singer-songwriter from Nashville. Nobody had really said anything about the piano thing I had, so I thought maybe it will be good for Will."

    "So I hit him up and said, 'On the next day off, I want to show you this piano piece I have got and we can write a song.' He gave me his number and said to give him a call. I gave him a call the day of, I called him like three times, never went to voicemail, never picked up."

    "The next day, I was like, 'I called you three times.' He said, 'It never came through. I don't know what happened.' That day at soundcheck, Brent was like, 'What's that thing you are playing?' I was like, 'Man, I have been playing it for three years.' He finally woke up to it. We actually had the recording that day at sound check kind of going through the song. Some of the lyrics are actually in there from that first time we ever played it through, he and I."

    "If you fast forward six months when we finally wrote it, finally sat down and wrote the song, it happened seamlessly. We wrote it in like two hours, the whole thing was done."
  • Bass explained the song's meaning to City Beat: "Lyrically, it is about the person in your life who is your best friend, your spouse or your girlfriend, your boyfriend or someone really close to you, that person you will always be there for and they will always be there for you."

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  • Jennsten from MnMy husband and I picked this song for our first dance 7 years ago.
  • Jo from FloridaThis will be our wedding song for our first dance next year.
  • Anon from UkA toss up between this miracle and if you only knew for my husband and I's first dance song. Miracle won but this is a beautiful love song that means a lot to us and this was on the wedding playlist too.
  • Bailey from Cincinatti, OhioThis is I and my boyfriend's song :) beautiful lyrics!
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjIt seems that this song is a wedding song for a lot of people recently.
  • Melissa from Newtown, PaThis will always be my favorite song for the soul fact this is my wedding song. My husband and I both love rock and we didn't want anything clichéd in a sense. We were going through the playlist and stop here. September 14 2013 was the best day for me and the love of this song will continue down to our children and they will always know Shinedown.
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