Album: Attention Attention (2018)


  • Frontman Brent Smith gravely sings, "Stop waiting on your 15 minutes of fame, 'cause you're not special."

    "What we're saying is you're not special, and neither are we," Smith explained to ABC Radio. "What we don't want people to do - and this is just our opinion - we don't want people to lose their humanity. We don't want people to lose their human connection."
  • Brent Smith expanded on the tune during a track-by-track interview with Louder Sound:

    "This song carries a lot of weight. It's not a warning, and it's not a holier-than-thou statement either. It's an example of how we're all the same on a lot of different levels. We're all cut from the same cloth. You have to remember how to be a human being: to make the gesture of asking someone how they're doing today, and genuinely wanting to know the answer. It comes back to the modern day, and the fact that everyone has an opinion, everyone has to make statements, and some people just want to hear the sound of the own voices.

    But they're not special, and nor am I: I'm putting it back on myself too. There's a bigger statement being made in this song then what your first initial reaction might suggest. Maybe, after you hear the song, take stock of yourself... and be kind."


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