by Silk City (featuring Dua Lipa)

Album: Electricity (2018)
Charted: 4 62
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  • Silk City is a group comprising producers Mark Ronson and Diplo. "Even though the style of music we do is quite different, there's so much shared stuff that we do love – like classic house, disco and hip-hop," Ronson told BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac in 2018 about his partnership with the Major Lazer musician. "So we just got in the studio sometime last year and started making some music."
  • This soulful, piano-laced cut is clearly inspired by '90s house music. It features vocals by guest artist Dua Lipa in which she describes the electric connection between her and a love interest.

    "The song is a belter," Ronson told The London Times. "Spiritual piano house music like they used to make… Lipa sounds imperious."

    The producer added that Lipa "has this deep, soulful voice that harkens back to gospel house."
  • "Electricity" is Dua Lipa's second collaboration in 2018 with a major dance artist; she sang on Calvin Harris' "One Kiss" earlier in the year.
  • Ronso, Diplo and Dua Lipa wrote the song with:

    The xx singer/guitarist Romy Madley-Croft.

    African-American singer-songwriter Diana Gordon, who first came to prominence when she co-penned and sung the hook on Flo Rida's world-wide hit, "Sugar." Gordon later had her own hit with "Dirty Talk," which topped the Australian singles chart and also went Top 40 in the UK. She contributed towards the writing on several songs on Beyoncé's Lemonade album including the single "Sorry" and Bey's collaboration with Jack White, "Don't Hurt Yourself ."
  • The song's music video sees Dua Lipa hosting a loft party on August 14, 2003, when much of the northeastern United States and some of Canada experienced a power outage due to an apparent software bug which affected 55 million people. As New York battles the blackout, Ronson and Diplo are stranded in an elevator on their way to Lipa's shindig.
  • Some have suggested the clip may perhaps have been inspired by Azealia Banks' visual for "Anna Wintour."
  • The video shows a carefree Dua Lipa dancing across the room without abandon. She told Billboard: "I was just kind of moving and going crazy and feeling it just for what it was, it was just really refreshing to be able to do that. There were some parts which was choreographed, but all the jumping and the dancing, everybody was like, 'Just go for it, just do whatever you want,' and I think that feeling of not holding back was really important for me to get to experience that."
  • Mark Ronson told OfficialCharts.com that he and Diplo already had a lot of the song back in November 2018. He played it to Dua Lipa and asked her to sing on it and she came and helped the duo finish writing the tune in March 2018. Over those four months her single "New Rules" broke in America and the time she recorded it, Dua Lipa had become an international superstar.

    Ronson added: "Romy from The xx had written a lot of lyrics and Dua came and put her spin on it. And then in the bridge, she really brought it to life and put all these harmonies on it. It was really good timing but at the end of the day, I didn't ask her because she's blowing up, I asked her because she has an incredible voice and I just love the way she sounds."
  • This won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.


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