Album: Frogstomp (1995)
  • This song could be about the pressure people go through when they are being bullied at school and otherwise tormented. It is more evident in the chorus itself: "Don't go hot in the shade" means don't wander around in places where you could get teased or bullied. In other words, the "Shade" could mean places where popular kids hand out and is therefore the hardest place to handle in terms with joining in and trying to be friends. This is also probably the place that will attract the most attention, this could be places like, school oval, or wherever you think these kids hang out. >>
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    Nick - Cairns, Australia
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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI always thought that they meant someone who was physically or sexually abused, by a parent, neighbor, or whatnot.
  • James from Calgary, AbThis is truly an incredible song although I think the meaning is somewhat incorrect. The Lyrics are actually "Dont go hiding in, HIding in the shade" not hot in and I think he is referring to bottling up the anger inside and going to a dark place or shutting down. They make reference to talking to someone to help you through the tough times. Definitely about bullying though however I dont think its about avoiding shade where cool kids hang out and rather not letting being bullied destroy you as a person.
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