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  • This mellow, atmospheric song is a collaboration between the British singer-songwriters Simon Jefferis and Benedict Cork. It's a love song where they acknowledge love don't come easy, but promise to give it their all. On the Songfacts Podcast, Cork told the story: "We wrote that song in Simon's front room in Brixton on a rainy November morning. Simon has a wonderful wife called Cara, who is American. They'd been long-distance dating for years, and they finally got married a few years before he wrote that song. They are just the sunniest couple, the loveliest people. I was definitely not in love at that point, and all I could think about when we were writing that song was them and their relationship.

    So, it just felt like it had to be something really positive and really feel-good because I love writing about heartbreak and I love writing about deep emotion, but when Simon played that guitar riff and the chords, I was like, "This is going to be a happy song." So that's where that came from."
  • "Easy" makes a great wedding song, and for Cork can even double as a wedding gift. He told Songfacts: "There are so many people who have used it for their wedding song. I never thought I'd be able to write a 'first dance' song because I love being sad and I love writing sad songs. To have that song resonate with people is awesome, because at the end of the day we all want to have a good time and have fun as much as we'd like to feel things as well. But to know that people loved it enough to play it as their first dance at their wedding, it's really cool.

    I end up playing at all of my friends' weddings and I love it because it's like my gift to them. So rather than getting them a funky lamp, I'll just sing them a song. But those moments are so special, especially with social media and stuff, they will be on camera for life and they will go back and watch it. To know that that song is playing for someone's special moment is really, really cool, it's really humbling."
  • Simon Jefferis released this as a single in 2018 as a follow-up to his first EP, SJ's Pockets. He did the production on the track and played all the instruments.


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