Album: No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls (2002)
Charted: 63 45


  • A track from the golden age of pop-punk, "Addicted" is about the heartbreak of being dumped. The guy in the song did everything he could to make it work, but she still left. No matter how hard he tries, he can't forget her because he's addicted to her love.
  • Pierre Bouvier doesn't quite finish the word when he tells the girl, "I'm a dick," before clarifying, "I'm a dick-ted to you." This bit dates back to 1990, when Red Peters asked, "How's your dick... tation machine" in his song "How's Your Whole... Family?" Simple Plan forebears blink-182 also used these shenanigans, titling albums Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

    The band thought it would get bleeped at some point, but it never did. "I guess America is opening up to dick jokes, drummer Chuck Comeau said.
  • In a Songfacts interview with Pierre Bouvier, he said the song was built around the "I'm a dick" line. "I remember specifically writing that song in Chuck's parents' house in his bedroom and coming up with that line, which was the anchor of that whole song," said Bouvier. "The first thing we wrote for that song was the little riff, then we had that line, 'I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you.'

    We were trying to push the envelope and do stuff that would attract people's attention and stand out from the masses. That's how we came up with 'I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare' on 'Just A Kid,' and for 'Addicted' it was the 'stutter' part as we called it, because you don't want to say 'I'm a dick' - it's just a stutter."
  • A track from their debut album, this was Simple Plan's third single, following "I'm Just A Kid" and "I'd Do Anything." The band had the song written by the time they signed a deal with Lava Records in 2000.
  • The band Lit beat Simple Plan to "Addicted," releasing their own song with that title on their 2001 album A Place In The Sun. "We recorded that song and were in the mixing process getting it ready for the album when one of our favorite bands, Lit, comes up with a song called 'Addicted' that pretty much does the same exact thing," Bouvier told Songfacts "Lit at the time was huge - blink-182 and Lit were the two big bands of that genre. Their song went, 'I'm addicted to you, but you're such a dick to me.' We were crushed.

    Our song was written and recorded, but we were like, 'How can we put this out now? Lit is going to put this single out and it's going to be huge because all of their singles are huge. It's going to kill that song for us.' We got really depressed about it.

    Our song came out, and I hate to say it, but luckily for us, the Lit song didn't do that well. It kind of went under the radar, so we talked about it with Andy and the label and decided not to let it stop us. The song was good, so we put it out anyway, and it did great for us."

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  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesI don't just listen to songs but I feel it That's my difference between others ;-)))

    I have this in my USB
  • Nathan Ritz from Marengo , Ini feel the exact same way as you lucas, try doing something nice for her or saying she looks nice today or something like that
  • Shannon from Kalkaka, MiI LOOOOOVVVVVEEE this song! It totally represents my relationship with my mom.... yeah we fight alot and stuuf and i am really sorry im not perfect cause I know thats what she wants as a parent. To tell you the truth, im as far from perfect as it gets!!!! I hate to say it but im a huge disappointment to her and i know it. Im not good enough in her mind, but Im myself and to tell you the truth i dont care what she (or anyone else) thinks.
  • Christina from Houston, TxI love this song. Its like, the perfect breakup anthem.
  • Steven from Fishers, Inyea. i like this song. i dont see how it is offensive in any way since its just talking about the depression everybody goes through after a heartbreak
  • Maya from Indonesia, IndonesiaSame as Lucas from Chicago. I really like this guy but he doesn't... :(
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaI hate this song. its a pile of F*ckin horse Sh*t. if anyone's life was changed by this, if anyone is turned on by the singing, if anyone can realte to this song, if anyone thinks this is offensive, they shouldn't be allowed to listen to music.
  • Pearl from Mayer, Azi find it sick that kids are listining to this vulgar and EXTEMEMLY offensive music and liking it
  • Lucas from Chicago, IlThis is how i feel right now...i love this girl but she doesnt
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, Mii love this song....
  • Lisa from BurlingtonI love this song. I especially love the part where David sings "how lobg will I be waiting?"
  • Alf from Kingston, CanadaSimple Plan is just totally awesome, all their songs are so real.
  • Kelsey from Inwood, WvI love this song, its so real and really relatable.
  • Shannon from Honolulu, HiThis song means alot to me. Love this song. Changed my life.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhPierre doesn't sing bad he just has his own unique voice. I think he sounds pretty hot. But that's just me.
  • James from Toronto, Canadaagreeing with jillian, Portland: I think it is funny, lol. I don't really think simple plan is good at singing
  • Kaitlin from Cornwall, OntFor me, its when he says "heartbreaker" :P It makes the song sound so corny! I love it!
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song soo much! When David sings his solo (How long will I be waiting?) I shake he sounds soooo SEXI!! This song is so fun and the video is hilarious!! I love it I don't care if Pierre says he's a dick he's sexy and so are the other 4 guys!

    I LOVE U SP!!!
  • Tessa from Ottawa--When Pierre says I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you it's hilarious. I hope he realized when the CD came out that people all over the world would hear him announcing that he's a Dick.--

    I am SURE he realized that.. I am *pretty* sure that's the point.
  • Jillian from Portland, TxI love this song. It makes me snicker a little when he sings "I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you."
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