Shut Up

Album: Still Not Getting Any (2004)
Charted: 44 99
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  • This shows how people don't want to be what others want them to be, particularly kids with their parents. Most parents want their kids to be like them, and the kids are against it. This song puts that into perspective, looking at it from the child's point of view: "Don't tell me who I should be. And don't try to tell me what's right for me. Don't try to say what to do. I don't wanna waste my time and watch you fade away."

    "When you have a dream, you want to follow it," lead singer Pierre Bouvier, who wrote the song with drummer Chuck Comeau, told MTV. "A lot of people will try to bring you down and intimidate you. But you have to shut them out."

    The song could also apply to Simple Plan's critics. >>
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    Craig - Guildford, England
  • This was the second single from Simple Plan's second album, Still Not Getting Any... The rebellion theme is similar to "Perfect," the big hit from their debut.
  • In the video, Simple Plan are playing a fancy banquet when a roadie intervenes to tell Pierre there's been a major mixup, and they're in the wrong place. The scene then changes to a Simple Plan concert where they're playing to fans.

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  • Bad Decisions from MorrisonFor everyone who hates this song/band as a whole, whilst comparing it to other bands, just how lowly are you to go just to comment here and spout nonsense and random s--t, quite immature I must say if you're someone who's mature enough to know that's just irrational. If you dislike/disapprove a song or a band for the reason being, "it's bad, it's simple, it's so s--t" you probably shouldn't bother to say it sucks while going off as if it's a FACT, right, you listen to a much popular band or having good music taste in general doesn't make you a better person, people would just see you as a egotistical f--k. Muse, The Strokes, Artic Monkeys and etc. Some example of good bands, sure Simple Plan isn't the best but they're trying, get some empathy and see how it'd feel to be criticize because the people didn't like how s--t it sounded, but some people do. Music isn't suppose to be an excuse as to argue and s--t on one band and another. As for Simple Plan, the song Shut Up! Isn't just some poisoned s--t and "simple" s--t. It's not perfect but it's also not bad. This song is simple yet relatable in a lot of ways, a friend and you having arguments.

    "There you go
    You're always so right
    It's all a big show
    It's all about you"

    It portrays that even though that person maybe right, they should just shut the f--k up and just be quiet, due to the frustration that you feel from them just continuously talking about this and that feeling as if they've achieved so much stuff from just saying that.

    "You think you know
    What everyone needs
    You always take time
    To criticize me"

    Someone telling you what/who you need to be, always playing the "protagonist" role and having such an annoying vibe to you since they'd always have something to say to you.

    The lyrics speaks for itself, if you'd ever experience what it feels like to be continuously corrected and surrounded by people who think they're so smart because they got to s--t on you, you'd come to realize what this song means, not only that of course, you'd be able to empathize in other ways. After all, this is just telling everyone to shut the f--k up and just listen.
  • Austin from TexasTo all of the people that say the song is crap. You are the critics that the song speaks to. You are basically the inspiration for the song. Isn't it ironic.
  • Insertnamehere from Toronto, OnIt doesn't really have to refer to kids rebelling against parents, I mean really, thats just the sterotypical view of this song... Like really, I know this person, whose closest friend always steals her ideas and citisizes, her practically all the time.. and if that person's missing, everyone, even like the teachers are like "Aw, Poor - -- --, She must be sad and hopeless without - - - - -"... its sad really, always I think this song sometimes relates to the situation like that... Its funny because it played once durning this time we had to pratice for this gym dance thing, and it was sorta like "OMG, guys..." (There you go) "COME ON, do it MY WAY or we won't get a good mark (You're always so right. Its all a big show).. "I need a good mark, so comeon like this- (Its all about you, you think you know)... and sorta like that onward... we (me and my friend) were the only ones who were actually hpaying attention to the lyrics, and started laughing... you know.. up until ... (Get out, Get out of my way)... when she like stormed off..... (It seems like everyday, I make mistakes, and I just can't get it right) "---, stop being distracted.. seriously its annoying, This is important!!" (Like I'm the one you like to hate) "*at me.. you're not suggesting any dance moves".... and yea, I know it might seem like we're not listening to her, but she doesn't listen to us.. so yea, and btw, sometimes Simple Plan can seem like they suck to ppl who dislike mainstream music, but simple plan is way better than most of the demented popular songs these days... I still think SP is good, to ppl who can actually relate to the songs.. if you can't I can see how you may not like them
  • Kat from Fairfield, CaUmm.. I think this song was written about all the criticizer out there and telling them that they don't care about your opinion. It's telling them to shut up and if you don't have any positive things to say, to keep them to yourself. I like Simple plan and it's just my personal opinion, but if dislike simple plan, why comment on their song? All that does is make fans angry...
  • Andrew from Riverdale, GaFor all the punks on here saying that simple plan songs suck. Here a tip SHUT YOU MOUTHS AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELFS. No one cares if you think simple plan or this song sucks.This song has really good points.
    "shut up shut up shut up don't want to hear it" It means I don't care if its negative or an excuse I don't want to hear it."there you go your always so right Its all a big show it all about you" you act like something is about you and your stuck up. "Step up step up step up youll never stop me" Step up and do something about it or just shut up
  • Pattysays from Sydney, Australiaha you guys know nothing about them. This song isn't about them telling their parents to shut up. It's about those music critic assholes who always criticizes their music (like *cough* you) and they're telling them to shut up. Honestly, stop making fun of them. They're a good band. I know you can't compare them with Green Day. there is no way. Green Day are like wow. One of the best bands in history. but Simple Plan are still my favourite band. So um.. shut the f--k up.
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiaclearly you are delusional...what normal person could actually listen AND enjoy this c-r-a-p??
  • Jess from Brisbane, AustraliaOh, please. Just because you say a band is the best, doesn't make it so. No matter how many times you repeat it, it doesn't make it fact. It's still an OPINION. And, besides, if you don't like Simple Plan, why are you even bothering to comment? Idiot.

    Anyway, I saw Simple Plan live in Brisbane, and they were AMAZING!!! It was my first live concert, and it was a fantastic experience - when they played Shut Up, I screamed at the top of my lungs. They truly are great guys.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaI never EVER want to hear people comparing The Who or Eric (THE GOD) Clapton to a "band" like simple effing plan. UGH, please people its truly an insult. All I'm saying is that (most) music is definately not like it used to be. I know this and I'm 17 for frigs sake. There are very few bands around these days that are actually worth the trouble, and can actually play REAL music. Muse is one of these very rare bands that actually have talent, I suggest you give them a listen...actually, no please dont, I'm not sure they would want people with simple-plan-poisoned-ears to listen to their beautiful music. Well, have fun listening to your plastic-bubble-gum-weak-as-sh*t-music, really, it's great.
  • Sean from Aldergrove, CanadaAm I the only one who noticed that they pretty much just ripped off the chorus of 54-40's "Casual Viewing"?
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaThis song is the bomb and the video clip it is mad i love it and if u hate the song or the clip i have a few words to say and they are "So shut up, shut up, shut up
    Don't wanna hear it
    Get out, get out, get out
    Get out of my way
    Step up, step up, step up
    You'll never stop me
    Nothing you say today
    Is gonna bring THEM down
  • Kenzi from Milwuakee, WiI CAN IMAGINE Anakin Skywalker singing this... werid, I know.
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, CaClapton's first name is eric? Why the hell did I think it was john...
  • Sammie from Boston, Majacob, sydney, Australia: wow you should E-mail me at
  • Ollie from London, Englandisnt it funny how haters always compare the band they are hating to old music. ha ha jacob in sydney, thats actually quite funny - made me laugh. wrong story though. i like simple plan. oh, im such a traitor :o. lol. simple plan are really good. lu.
  • Robyn from Fort Dodge , Iathis song makes me head bang lol and i go crazy! dang i love thsi song!
  • "jenna" from St. Charles, Mn?Go out and listen to Steve Vai and tell me who's the better guitar player. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's bad.?
    "If Chuck and Pierre have been writing songs since they were 13, then they're stuck in a 13-year-old mentality.?
    ?Simple Plan only appeals to 10-13 year olds.?
    ?I think its sad how people like Steve Vai and Eric Clapton work for decades to perfect their guitar playing, and then there are wankers like simple plan who come along with like four power chords and no song writing abilities, and sell a bunch of records to a bunch of stupid teenagers who have NO idea what the hell real music is. Led Zeppelin is real music, simple plan just plain suck?
    ?Uh sorry to disappoint simple plan fans but pretty much anyone can write a song that says "shut up" 50 times. How many times has this song been done? The song where the young person rebels against his elders? Not very original.?
    ?err your meant to be discusing lyric meanings... or is this band and their songs all to pathetic to have any real depth??
    not necessarily.. just cuz you start to write songs when you're 13 doesn't mean you're in a 13 year-old mind set.. i know.. i've written songs for the past few years of my life.. and trust me.. i'm 13.. and i started writing songs when i was 7.. does that mean i'm stuck in a 7 year-old mind set? nope.. in fact.. as the years go on.. i'm sure you all know.. that you mature.. not only physically but mentally and logically as well.. you can't say that someone is stuck in that mind set for the rest of their lives.. simple plan writes songs from past experiences.. which makes it relatable to not only 10 year olds.. but 23 year olds also.. heck.. i know some 40 year olds who like them.. not only has simple plan matured lyrically since their first album.. but they have also learned lessons from being on the road.. visiting countries and other various activies.. they know what it's like.. and they're trying to help other people get through times by giving them something to relate to.. I know they?ve helped me.. i know the reason i started even listening to music was because i can relate to it.. but.. the first song i've ever cared about was perfect by simple plan.. not only cuz i relate to it.. but also, it brought me to listen to more music.. like joe satriani, steve vai, john pettrucci, yngwie malmsteen.. people like that.. just because some people have a difference in genre doesn?t mean that some people can?t be favorable to a wide variety of genres. And to all those people out there who think this song is about kids who rebel against their parents.. let me fill you in on a little secret.. IT?S NOT JUST ABOUT THAT! It?s also about how simple plan writes music they like and hope people like it.. they play for their fans and not for all you haters out there who can?t understand real feelings of REAL people. They?re sorry they aren?t the heaviest band.. but they didn?t feel like it.. simple plan has so many songs with so many good lyrics.. so deep.. and I?m not surprised that people who can?t understand hate it so much.. songs like perfect world, shut up, welcome to my life, meet you there, and untitled can be so clear.. but some people are just so blind and can?t see the meaning.. so they go and take it out on the band.. accusing them of shallow song writing.. seriously? Have you ever heard the story to some of the reasons why they wrote the songs? Maybe if you would you?d understand.. it doesn?t take a genius to figure it out.. but a shallow idiot won?t be able to either.. so why don?t you guys just go shut up and crawl in a corner.. that is if you?re dumb enough not to understand what this song?s really about..
  • Josh from Bethlehem, Paok
    now i agree that the who and led zepplin may be better than simple plan
    but i mean, come on
    the who and led zepplin are classics, you cant expect some random newish band to be better than them
    just because the who and led zepplin are better than simple plan and the song says shutup like 3 times in the chorus doesnt mean that simple plan sucks
    it just means hat there not as good as the classics
  • Beans from Philadelphia, Pathis is a good song and if u dont like sp keep your opinion to yourself you're just upsetting the people who like them and all simple plans songs are good. if you dont like sp's music dont listen to it but dont trash it either.
  • Kelsey from Inwood, Wvwhats with all the haters, this song is awesome
  • Crew from Ends Town, Gawhy do you not love this song LONG TIME OR JUST SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP DONT WANT TO HERE YOU
  • Ken from Taegu, Korea - SouthKIDS, just don't treat your opinions as if it's a fact. In my opinion, this type of music is just too annoying. And just like alot of other people on here, I too think Classic Rock is better than this crap. But do I think my opinion is a fact? Nope. Neither should you guys.
  • Jessy Choi from Auckland, New ZealandWhen you're feeling like your head is gonna burst due to stress and everyone around you, sing along really loud to this song, it was a life-saver for me.
    I also heard SHUT UP! was the answer to all the criticisms Simple Plan recieves.
  • Hannah from Maple Grove, Mnok i recently went to a MN concert when these awesome beyond all belief guys came to st cloud and i nearly DIED right then and there when CHUCK went throught the crowd and i got to touch his arm!
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyI love simple plan and I love this song, but I have to admit this song is kinda dumb. I don't care. I can really relate to this song sometimes!
  • Samantha from Manahawkin, NjIf you hate this song your really weird i love this song me and my best friend Tara Smith can sing the whole thing straight through.PIERRE BoVIER CHUCK COMEAU DAVID DESROSIERS SEBASTIEN LEFEBVRE and JEFF STINCO you guys rock!
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhOk Jim, about them saying shut up a lot if you look at the's called shut up so ya they're gonna say shut up and anyone who disagrees can talk to the millions of SP fans out there and see what we have to say.
  • Jim from Philadelphia, PaActually, Simple Plan are the ones who should shut up. Are they two. I don't need to hear shut up 80 times. So, Simple Plan, take your own advice.
  • Jacob from Sydney, Australiacomparing simple plan to the who, here's the difference:

    possible creation of song my generation by the who:
    "dude i was stoned and came up with this cool idea for a song about our generation"

    probable creation for simple plan song shut up:
    producer"hey these stupid teens like thinking thier all alone and disadvantaged lets make a song about it"
    piere:"i feel bad about taking advantage of these stupid teenagers we allready ripped of r.e.m.(with thier song welcome to my life rip off of everybody hurts)"
    producer:"who cares well make money"
    piere:"oh yeah i like money ,stupid teenagers"
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhOk to anyone who thinks this song is bad and part of your reason is because they say "shut up" a lot...look at the title people. OMG the song is called Shut Up so no they're not gonna say "keep on talking". And "shut up" is part of the verse so if they wanna tell someone to shut up...they have to say it maybe more than once because it seems it's not working for all the haters on this site because they read the lyrics and undertsnd it says shut up...but they're still not listening. Thats pathetic. Haters, read the lyrics, and do it...just SHUT UP!

    SP ROCKS!!!
  • Mike Black from Toronto, CanadaOk, I listened. The song has a beat a good voice it repeated 'talking 'bout my ge-neration' quite a few times, it sounds like one of those songs that were popular back then. Now, that wasn't to punk. at least shut up sounds... I would call it more shoutish, in that kind of tone. If someone were to do it in a shoutish voice make it seem new and polish it into a more punk rock style( 4 chords) I might be known as a cool song, since I've heard worse popular songs (I am not to good of a black eyd peas fan).
  • Jim from Philadelphia, PaI'm 14 and I am very into classic rock. I just wanted to say, even though I am not a fan of Led Zeppelin (I like some songs), I know they are one of the greatest rock bands ever. I am more into The Stones, The Beatles, The Who, CCR, and Clapton. Anyway, my other thing was whoever said people talk about Simple Plan more then Eric Clapton should either stop listening to music because you don't deserve to, or listen to Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" or Derek and the Dominoes' "Layla". That's Eric Clapton playing guitar. Of course, there are more songs, but I just want you to know you were wrong because Simple Plan blows big time, and Eric Clapton is a musical genius.
  • Brandon from Saskatoon, Canadaled zeppelin wastes simple. anyone who knows anything about music knows that led zeppelin and sooooo many other bands are like soooo much better and don't say one thing the entire song "ohhh yaaaa, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up" not much talent in that
  • Morgan from New York, NyThis song is so cool!!!!It is for my ex husband!!Marcus!!!!I hate you so Shut Up!!
  • Joe from Madison, Withis is by far the worst music in the world. if you want some real music that could totally burn simple plan to death, get pink floyds dark side of the moon. or jeff buckley's grace. throw this simple plan crap out the window.
  • Cameron from Seward,pa, Paahh..come on give the guys a break i mean i personally dont understand why people think Simple Plan is so awesome but you know what thats there problem....
  • Kenneth from Daegu"I have to say,I adore Simple Plan,their in my top three favs. Number one is Green Day since I was 3 yrs old,Good Charlotte,well I just moved and they helped me go through my rough times and Simple Plan,they make me happy in rough times and they help me 2."

    And you claim you play the guitar....yea right. I honestly don't see why everyones all over Simple Plans nuts. I don't see the talent of playing a 4 chord riff or singing shut up for 50 times. It's funny how much time Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Clapton, and all thos other greats spent their life on their instruments while pop/punk bands manage to sell albums just by playing a 4 chord riff...-_-
  • Nathan from Brisbane, AustraliaPlease Simple Plan fans listen to a band that ISNT mainstream. Then come back with an opinion.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song! It is so true! To all the haters out there that wanna put Simple Plan down or the people that really like them...Shut Up!!They don't care and neither do their true fans. Hater can say what they want but at the end of the day when you go to bed just remember all you did was waist your time and make Simple Plan fans more dedicated to saying how much they really love them so they can prove all the haters wrong!!
    And i have a question to all the haters on this site...why are you on this site?? It doesnt make any sense why you would waist your time on a band you hate. This is for people that like Simple Plan not for people who are lame and dont like them. And to anyone eho thinks they don't write their own songs...your wrong they write everything on their albums. I love Simple Plan and the haters don't get to me cuz I know what I like and I don't care about the haters...just the fans!!!! David Desrosiers ROCKS!!!!!
  • Kate from New York, NyHey every one, I think that simple plan are the coolest and I think there songs touch me in a special way. If people from the band are reading this I'm saying hi and best of luck.
  • Marvin from Trenton, NjOkay, I never like Simple Plan. First of all most of they're songs are about a girl who dumped one of them and he cant move on. However I have heard this song, and have to admit, its pretty good. But still, a band that writes songs with four chords each doesn't deserve as much fame as they have.
  • Jane from Manchester, EnglandThis is a really cool song!!!!!! totally relates to my life!!!!
  • Nathan from Brisbane, AustraliaI find it interesting that all the people that hate simple plan can back up there comments but the people who like simple plan can't.
  • Alex from Saskatoon, CanadaI am so with anyone who hates simple plan. they are the lamest band ever and annoy me more than anything, i have a friend who is extremely and overly obsessesed with them, they are a bad representation to canada. how did they ever get famous?
    - Brandon, Saskatoon, Canada
    Simple Plan has horrible lyrics its as if they just make them up while they're playing. They think they're punk or something I don't know what the hell is up with them but they're are so pop. They should just give up like seriously I don't understand them . . .
    - Alex, Saskatoon, Canada
  • Brandon from Saskatoon, CanadaI am so with anyone who hates simple plan. they are the lamest band ever and annoy me more than anything, i have a friend who is extremely and overly obsessesed with them, they are a bad representation to canada. how did they ever get famous?
  • Monica from St Louis, MoI love SP. It tells you how it is for real.
  • Shelby from Battle Round, InI love this song! I love this band! I love everything about them! And to all the friggin' SP haters, if you hate them so much, why are you in this part in the first place? Seriously, if you hate them, why are you looking at their song meanings? Just curious. I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!!!!!
  • Jim from Oxnard, Ca"Why don't you all fade away/Don't try to dig what we all say" is a line from the Who's "My Generation." Like I said, it sums up Simple Plan's attitude...and it's from 38 years ago.
  • Christa from Makati, OtherOh yeah, and they write songs, which a lot of people can actually relate to. This is just one.
  • Christa from Makati, OtherSorry to those who hate SP...but this song isn't all about rebelling's also them saying that they dont care about what you think, they don't care about being punk or whatever.
  • Sammy from Melbourne, AustraliaSimple Plan is one of the best bands in the world so people stop bagging them! I can totally relate to their songs and Pierre is totally HOT!!!!
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanI agree with you, Kayla. All they ever sing about is "Wah wah wah! Nobody understands me! I just wanna cry in my room all night!" and yet everytime they "write" songs they basically write ONE SONG then get a thesaurus for the othere. "Whats a synonym for 'Misunderstood?'"
  • Kayla from Wayne, NjNo offense to anyone here, but I honestly can't stand Simple Plan.Think about it, it does'nt take that much talent to write shut up over and over again, so much for that. Also they try to sell themselves off as "Punk", which obviously they are'nt. Look at them, he most they've ever done with they're hair is gel it into a little spike like that kid on Little Rascals, oh how hardcore. Also, no tattoos or anything, but Punk is'nt only based on image,it's also attitude I see nothing so special about a bunch of guys whining about how tough their lives are, they should get over it, what's done is done.
  • Casie from Denver, CoI have to say,I adore Simple Plan,their in my top three favs. Number one is Green Day since I was 3 yrs old,Good Charlotte,well I just moved and they helped me go through my rough times and Simple Plan,they make me happy in rough times and they help me 2. This song to me is about this dude that is always there telling him what to do,he thinks he is so perfect that he can do whatever he wants to. Well just my opinion,Im into music,I wirte songs and I play my guitar and piano. Im 13 yrs old,I guess a big similarity between me and SP but they rock,they dont take their music as serious and thats the great thing about it. They know how to have fun and when theres pain why not add a song of what their feeling about.
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaIf Chuck and Pierre have been writing songs since they were 13, then they're stuck in a 13-year-old mentality.
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaSad when people don't know about the Who and Eric Clapton and diss them because their music is still played 40 years later. There was a girl from Australia here who said that Led Zeppelin was the name of a person and that "lonely 40 year olds" listen to them (that comment has been deleted). And just because they sell doesn't mean they have talent and vice versa. Here's some advice. Go out and listen to Steve Vai and tell me who's the better guitar player. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's bad.
  • Marissa from Montreal, CanadaIf people think the guyz from Simple Plan just sat down one day and said alright i wanna be in a band, than you've really got it all wrong. I know that all the guys especially Chuck and Pierre have been playing music and writing music and lyrics since they were like 13. Plus if kids care as much as I do to defend SP I think they must be doiun somthin rite unlike The Who or anyone else for that matter. I love Simple Plan.
  • Marissa from Montreal, CanadaI think this song rocks. It sums up the kids of today. People are always telling me whats good for me and what i should do and bringin me down. That is what this song is about, and to all the people bringin down Simple Plan tehy should
    "Shut Up"
  • Unknown from Phx, AzOkay, for all the people who hate Simple plan, claiming that they have no talent and complaining about how they come and sell hit singles like nothing, I just have a couple things to say. You truely need to get over yourselfs for one. Did it ever occur to you that the reason they're selling so many records is because they're good? Obviously they have to be because people talk a lot more about THEM then about Eric Clapton and Steve Vai. Seriously, so what if younger kids like them? They are the next generation so it'd be kinda using your brain to get them intrested in their kind of music for when they get older. This obviously proves you don't even have to be original to be good. They're doing just fine and if you don't like it then boo-hoo. They don't sing for you, they sing for their fans.
  • Jen from Norwalk, Ctto all you haters out there this song was a very good song. It had a meaning and a good one unlike some of the songs i hear other people listen.
  • Jim from Oxnard, Ca"My Generation" by the Who sums up the rebellious youth better than "Shut Up" by Simple Plan. And that song was released 38 years ago.
  • Nathan from Brisbane, AustraliaThere was more for me to say in my last post.
    I am 16, I listen to Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin sold more copies of one album than Simple Plan will ever sell in thier whole lives. So alot of people like them Simple Plan only appeals to 10-13 year olds.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaI think its sad how people like Steve Vai and Eric Clapton work for decades to perfect their guitar playing, and then there are wankers like simple plan who come along with like four power chords and no song writing abilities, and sell a bunch of records to a bunch of stupid teenagers who have NO idea what the hell real music is. Led Zeppelin is real music, simple plan just plain suck
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaUh sorry to disappoint simple plan fans but pretty much anyone can write a song that says "shut up" 50 times. How many times has this song been done? The song where the young person rebels against his elders? Not very original.
  • Tom from Auckland, New Zealanderr your meant to be discusing lyric meanings... or is this band and their songs all to pathetic to have any real depth?
  • Jordan from Allegan, MiThis is the best song in the World
  • Grace from Ventura, Cai'm just starting to get into this band...great stuff
  • Shong from Wausau, Wipierre and the guys wrote this song to all the haters out there towards there band...yeah haters just shut up!!!
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