Your Love Is a Lie

Album: Simple Plan (2008)
Charted: 63
  • "Your Love Is a Lie" was produced by Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Mudvayne). The band chose Fortman to help achieve the sonic fusion Simple Plan envisioned as it recorded the album in Los Angeles and Montreal. Frontman Pierre Bouvier commented on the band's MySpace site: "He was the one who actually felt the most excited about the record and making this different kind of hybrid. It was important for us to have a rock producer that could really capture the way we sound live but that could also, at the same time, embrace this new direction."
  • For this song Simple Plan also had assistance from DJ Lethal. Drummer Chuck Comeau blogged at the time on the band's MySpace site: "On September 26th, we went to a studio in LA to work with DJ Lethal. Lethal was the DJ in House of Pain ("Jump Around"!) and Limp Bizkit. Dave Fortman knew him from back in the day and immediately thought of him when we were looking to add loops and flavor to some of the songs. He ended up working mostly on one song 'Your Love is Just a Lie' but man did he kill it! He added an amazing beat and made the song so much cooler."
  • This song was written by the drummer Chuck Comeau when he went through a major heartbreak with his ex-girlfriend. On a CBC special with George Strombolopoulous, he says that he played it for her, and she's like, "Damn... Is this going to be all over the radio?" >>
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  • Matthew from Calgary, -Does anyone else think that the tune is remarkably close to Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams?
  • Selena from Hawesville, KyI LOVE this song! I actually love alot of Simple Plan's newer songs!
  • Jenn from Chicago, Ilwhat??? this is a terrible song! when did simple plan start writing lovey dovey crap songs? i don't care your love is a lie! this isn't what i want to hear about! NOt LOve! what happened simple plan? your new album? BIG FAT DISAPPOINTMENT
  • Nick from Edmonton, Canadathis song reminds me of Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Kiona from Rancho Cucamonga, CaThis song is very good. You can easily pick up his determination and disgust ay his gurl. Not only does he want her back and question her feelings and loyalty,but you can also see that he doesnt want an apology, just the frickin' truth. Very lovely, exellent rythm and beat.
  • Brandi from Ewing, VaThat is a good song!!!!
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