Album: Invincible (2000)


  • Skillet frontman John Cooper wrote this about the invincibility he feels through his faith in God. "'Invincible' was a song saying yeah, I am invincible because of God inside me, because life isn't about flesh and blood, it's not about living on earth, it's about eternal things, you know?," he told
  • Invincible pushed the band further into electronic and hard rock - what Cooper describes as "electro-industrial rock" - in contrast to the grunge feel of their 1996 self-titled debut. The album also marked Ken Steorts departure from the group, with Kevin Haaland replacing him on guitar. Cooper's wife, Korey Cooper, also joined the band on keyboards.
  • Cooper said his idea for the album and its title track came into focus after watching the 1998 movie The X-Files: Fight the Future, particularly when one of the villains advises against killing Agent Fox Mulder because, "We take the risk of turning one man's quest into a crusade." Cooper explained while promoting the album: "I just got really excited. I felt like us as Christians, that's what our lives are about, that even if it comes down to taking our lives, you can't stop what our lives are about because the kingdom of God, the gospel of Jesus, is so huge."


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