30 Years To Life

Album: World on Fire (2014)
  • This is a track from Slash's World On Fire album. He performed the song for the first time on July 9, 2014 at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. The guitarist described the tune to Blabbermouth as, "a little bit of a departure."
  • Slash wrote the majority of the music for World On Fire when he was on the Apocalyptic Love tour. "Just sitting around in dressing rooms and hotel rooms for a year, I accumulated all these ideas," he explained to MusicRadar.com. "Then in September [2013] I sat down and went through everything I'd recorded on my voice memo on my phone and picked out about 20 different ideas then we went into pre-production in October and just started jamming. We were there for a couple of months, holed up in Mates rehearsal studio in Los Angeles."

    "There was the whole writing process then once we had all the songs down we rehearsed the s--t out of it, and then we brought the producer, Mike Baskette, in," Slash continued. "And so we went through another phase of fine tooth-combing everything and getting the arrangements together. Myles came down and started working on his vocal parts… and by the time we were done with all that we were ready to go in and just bang the stuff out. It was a very quick process in the studio."
  • Slash told Artist Direct the story of this song. "That was something I definitely developed on the road, and I remember bringing it to the band in different variations of arrangement at soundchecks during the tour," he said. "I don't really know what the origin of it was. A lot of it is just me sitting around in dressing rooms and hotel rooms. I come up with things, I record them, and I forget all about them. However, I remember jamming that particular song with the guys at soundchecks."

    "At one point, it was just the intro riff and those chord changes," Slash continued. "I'd come back a week later, and I'd have that plus some other parts. We'd jam some more. It all came together when I was home and going into rehearsals with the guys."


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