Not for Me

Album: Apocalyptic Love (2012)


  • Slash wrote the music for Apocalyptic Love before sending it to his vocalist Myles Kennedy to pen the lyrics. He told Toronto radio host Dave "Bookie" Bookman of 102.1 The Edge: "When Myles wrote 'Starlight' [from Slash ] back in Cali, I pretty much recognized he's a good lyricist. I don't really need to help him along in that department. So I just sent him the music and he came up with his own ideas and that was how we wrote the whole record."
  • The Guns N' Roses axeman told MusicRadar: "This was the last song we wrote on an acoustic when we were out on the road. I was really attached to it and when I sent all that random leftover stuff to Myles it was one of the songs he didn't react to right away. So I thought he didn't like it. But then he told me, 'Oh, I have a really great thing for that'. It's really cool. It's one of the slow songs on the record but it's very heavy. It starts off mellow but then it turns into heavy choruses."
  • Slash explained the meaning of Kennedy's lyrics for this song to MusicRadar: "That particular song has a really poignant lyric – it's very whispery in the beginning. It's about when you decide that enough is enough when it comes to all your partying. It touches on it in such a way that really makes you think. I've never heard a song that talks about when you finally decide you've had enough. It's really affective. I said to Myles, 'Now you have to write a song about falling off the wagon!"


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