• 515 is the area code of the capitol of Iowa, where the band is from.
  • The song is one minute long. The word "death" is repeated over and over.
  • According to lead singer Corey Taylor, "This song is basically about the psychotic rage that is hidden within all of our minds, and after being pushed to a certain limit... we will eventually snap and let it all loose." >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ

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  • The Negative One from Indianapolis, InAccording to Clown and some of the other band members, this song which is the intro to their album "Iowa" is all Sid Wilson on vocals. Sid grew up being raised by his grandparents and his grandfather was the closest thing to a father that he ever had. While recording this album, Sid got a phone call informing him that his grandpa was now doing well and was on the verge of desths. Sid explained this to the band and they told him to go ahead and leave and to go be with his grandfather in his dying moments. Unfortunately, Sid DIDNT make it in time to see his grandfather, and he passed away before he could ever say goodbye. One morning Sid arrived at the studio earlier than the rest of the band members and he met up with producer Ross Robinson! Ross could tell said was in a lot of pain so he offered him an emotional outlet via this track....he made said get into the vocal booth and let out all of his pain/disgust/anger/angst/discontent/frustration/hatred/sadness/and every other negative emotion he was feeling at the time! Sid got into the microphone booth and began to scream his guts out as Ross recorded it all. A lot of people think he is saying "death...death.." Over and over again, which he is..but he also saying the words "dad...death...father" etc..it's just that some of it is hard to make out because sid became so emotional that he literally began choking on his own words and spit while screaming. After Ross finished recording it, Clown arrived at the studio and Ross explained everything to clown..he said "clown you gotta hear this man, I know you'll understand it and appreciate it." Needless to say, clown/Shawn agreed and chose to make this the opening track to the Cd!!! IOWA
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWell, it's just an intro, but a great intro.
  • Kevin from Lowell, MaWhat's the noise in the background?
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandF*cking great song!
  • Andrew from Tacoma, Wanever heard this song but its prolly good
    slipknot rules!!!
  • Ushetra from San Diego, CaLol I listened to this album for the first time when I was about to go to sleep. Needless to say, this song freaked me the f&*k out!
  • Joel from Columbia, ScThis song really freaked me out when I first heard it.
  • Mike from Lisbon, NdThis song makes me think of what a serial killer thinks in his head after series of kills. yeah i know im insane lol.
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txonce agian this is another song that is scary to listen to when youre about to sleep :(
  • from Tampa, Fldeath
  • Matt from Newfoundland, Canadahave you ever listend to this song when your drunk its pretty cool.
  • Rachel from Raleigh, NcThis is a wonderful song!
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