Dead Memories

Album: All Hope Is Gone (2008)
  • Lead singer Corey Taylor (from Kerrang! July 19, 2008): "Without naming names, its the story of my last 10 years. I've been holding onto these things for the last 10 years. I decided it's just time to let them go."
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  • Kennedee from ArkansasI love this song by Slipknot
  • Patrick from Ottawa, OnThis is such an amazing song... Corey Taylor sings with so much emotion and felling. A whole bunch of Slipknots songs just send chills up my spine and I always feel like I can connect to it in some way or another.
  • James from Murcheson, Txthis is my 3rd fav slipknot song
    #2 is sulfur,#1 is psycosocial
  • Drake from Des Moines, IaI feel the same.
  • Kenneth from Sulphur Springs, TxKeep going Corey and youll find where you belong. Were all in pain on the inside and we need to abandon our dead memories too.Keep kicking ass SlipKnot!!!!!
  • Ashley from Moravia, NyThis song calms me down! I think this is their best album yet!
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhI am starting to like SlipKnoT. But I can't get myself to become a "Maggot". I am sure that there are better songs from the band than this, but this song does rock.
  • Larissa from Blue Mountains, Australiaits about his ex wife, who helped him through his drug and alcohol addiction - even brought him from the brin of suicide
  • Liam from Tulsa, OkThis was the first song that truly got me hooked on to Slipknot...I saw them in Tulsa some time ago and they were amazing! The song is great lyrically and the percussion continues to amaze me every time I hear the song!
  • Nathan Ritz from Marengo , Ini love this song, its addictive
  • Jonathan from Paoli, InI like Psychosocial better than this song. Although it kind of makes you want to bring out all of those past memories youve been holding in, like running over the neighbors cat.
  • Zach from Paris, Ili dont care if its about corey's past drug problem or about someone who he loved leaving him. it still makes me feel kinda better since i just went through a breakup with a girl i really loved.
  • Jwgummelt from Gatesville., TxOk this is an easy one to break down. ya it sounds like a song about someone close to corey, or at least thats what i thought at first. the more i listned to this song the more it felt like it wasnt talkin about a person at all but of corey's past drug problem.....if you want me to explain just send me a message and ill tell you.
  • Dean from Lakeland, FlI love slipknot so i think this song is about the lead singer Corey Taylors ex girlfriend or wife breaking up with him after him telling her all the crap she told him to do.Hint, You told me to love you and I did.
  • Ian from Chilli, Ohtraded my emotions for a contract to commit. i would assume ex-wife on this one.
  • Steven from Hamden, CtIt's most likely about his Ex-Wife or someone else that would've betryed him like that, just as it would go on with snuff.
  • Kelsie from Pittsfield, MaI believe that Dead Memories goes along with Snuff and Sulfur! "You told me to love you and I did." I believe he is talking about his ex or a close friend that betrayed him, and ripped his heart out, and that he will never be able to heal fully, with out the memories in his head of that life, and who he used to be. "Sitting in the dark, I can't forget.
    Even now, I realize the time I'll never get." I also believe that the dark of the night is the hardest to keep those thoughts out of ur head (Or at least it is 4 me)of what could have been. Also he is thinking of the wasted time left apon his life that he will never get back.
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