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Album: Iowa (2001)
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  • Lead singer Corey Taylor: "It's about the last time I tried to commit suicide, and more to the point, the first day I figured out what life was all about. It's about the last day in a life I don't want to remember and about the first day in a life that I am living right now."
  • When asked why he wanted to kill himself, Taylor said: "Why does any 17-year-old guy want to kill themselves? A chick of course! I thought she was the be and end all of everything and when you are that age, those emotions won't let you f---ing consider reality. I was in a really, really painful place. I put 31 slashes on my arm and I took a bottle of pills and a friend found me and took me to hospital. Luckily the cuts weren't too deep but I still have the scars. They pumped my stomach, which was a completely f---ing horrific experience, one that I don't wish on anyone. They make you drink this stuff which tastes like maple syrup, which is why I can't eat pancakes for the rest of my life, that induces you to vomit uncontrollably. You then spew up everything you have eaten for the past week and then they give you this sh*t which tastes like liquid charcoal to calm your stomach down again." >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ

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  • Slipknot Joey from Matthew North CarolinaI mess joey and paul
  • Charlie from Jolly Old EnglandQuite a good song for when you are pissed at someone who decides to sit there and ignore you.
  • Matyaxp from BaltimoreTwo months ago, my boyfriend broke up with me because "I was boring". He lied about "being still friends", he removed me from his life. Im still so broken, that guy saved my life so many times. A week before he announced the breakup, he acted so toxic and was psychically abusive to me so I started with sh. Three days after the breakup, I found out he replaced me for a girl I hate with passion, cause she fakes depression and fakes her personality. Every f--king day during these 2 months I vomit bile every morning (I don't know why my body reacts this way). I dont understand what have i done. Its such a pain. This song helped me concetrate anger towards him, but also it hurts listening to Slipknot for me, because it was his fav band. I hope karma will get them :(. Also I think he left me because of sex, cause Im asexual (and also too young to f--k) and she is hypersexual (ofc he lied to me that sex doesn't matter to him) ://
  • Peter from New Canaan Connecticut I relate to this song because after me and my ex girlfriend broke up I started cutting myself to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore and this song got me threw it
  • Lilly from City, CaWhen my boyfriend suddenly dumped me, this was the only song I would listen to. I've been suffering depression for over a year now, and what happened certainly didn't help at all! This song, no doubt, saved my ass time and again!
  • John from London, United KingdomThis helped me through what i thought were end times it showed me that if i die the problems that are causing
    death will win. f--k it all, i hate life but i hate my tormentors more.
  • Sophie from Glasgow, United Kingdomths song saved my life
    best song ever
  • Robert from Geneva, FlI really got to say this song has saved my a$$ many of times only thing that saved me was it thanks and I have to say for what it's about this song has done so much good from so much pain
  • Hayley from Sydney, AustraliaEven this song couldn't save the love of my life from suicide.
  • Song-1 from Bristol, United Kingdomlol they made him [sic]
  • Earl from Littlerock, CaThis song is most defenently a life saver it has probly touched so many people. I know has for it stoped me from going over the edge and helped me vent so well......(MaGGoTs WiLl LiVe oN)
  • Gretel from Rosario, Argentinagreat song .. one of my favourites ,
  • Patty from Alamo, Txif the songs make us happy....how does this effect corey when all the songs are basically about him?????...so glad slipknot will never die...=D...!!!!!!..i love them....!!!!!
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandAll their songs are like theraphy. It makes me feel better when I've listened to 'em. Especially when I've screamed along.
  • Courtney from Columbus, OhI love this song. It gives me something to listen to and relate to when I'm pissed of... :D
  • Bryonne from Sacramento, CaThis songs is totally true don't waste your time over something that won't last
  • Myles from Ottawa, CanadaTHEY'RE AWESOME but i still find them a bit suisidal!!
  • Joel from Columbia, ScSlit wrists do not a suicicde attempt make.
    Good song though for when your feeling down.
  • Rebka from Crapville, Wyi will take the ring to mordor!
  • Medusa from Spokane, Wayeah slipknot is a great band there muisc helps so many people i think if i never would of found slipknot i would not be hear right now
  • Justin from Cold Lake Alberta, Canadaall i can say is i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for corey taylor.. my mom died when i was 13 then my dad killed himself because of the sh!!...he couldn't deal with it alone so I sat and watched him slowly rot away untill there was nothing left but a broken man ...I dont blame him for leaving me so young I know someday we will meet again and then maybe we could be close..but untill then slipknot dont let this die its not just me counting on you its maggots all over the world...I never had anything my whole life so when I found slipknot my life changed.I tottally dedicated my self to music and now I understand the feeling of making a diffrence in someone elses life and its great.thanks for the insperation.......I will always remember..YOU CAN NOT KILL WHAT YOU DID NOT CREATE...maggot for life
  • Rachel from Raleigh, NcIt has helped me a lot with suicidal times in my life and has helped my friends also!
  • Carlos from Oxnard, Cai thought the charcoal was to give you the runs. Oh well, they give it to OD-ers to purge everything.
  • Kelly from Orange, Cai love this song it has gotten me through suicidal times
  • Chas from Webster, NyThe thing that tastes like maple syrup is [syrup of] Ipecac. It is a medicine that (As mentioned before) makes you throw up and tastes like s***. I've taken it a few times. Not the most fun in the world!
  • Eddy from Townsville, AustraliaHmmm... Anyone hungry, YUMMY!
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